Forbidden ink

As of now, in the state of New York, it is illegal to get a tattoo on your

I have to say, Google Images turned up a somewhat disturbing number of these.

I tattooing your dog!

…Who knew that was a thing? :eek:

Well, tattooing is one (now not so common, since the advent of microchips) way ofidentifiyingyour dog. If the dog is being anesthetized for a legitimate reason, such as in the linked to article, I don’t see it as “animal abuse.” Stupid, yes. Abuse, no.

I’ve had many stray and feral cats TNR’d (Trap-Neuter-Release) and the non-profit who does that neutering and vaccinating both ear-tips (removes a third of the left ear) and tattoos the cat’s inner thigh with a green stripe.

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Ha! Thanks.

OK I hid the dog. ** go Ellen, go Ellen **

As long as the dog is anesthetized, I don’t see the harm in putting a tramp stamp on your chihuahua. Of course, the dog will have trouble finding a decent job, but all the other dogs will think he’s cool and edgy.

As long as this is not the beginning of a trend.


Waldo? Waldo! ::kiss:: ::kiss:: C’mere Waldo!
Has anyone seen Waldo?
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He’s waaaaaaaaay over there, between the palm tree and the kid with the inner tube and green shorts.

No that I see this I want to get a Marine bulldog tattooed on my chihuahua. Or at least get a chihuahua.

I tatooed many a dog back in the day before microchips. It was rather nerve wracking because there was really no way to practice but I did get pretty good at numbers. Yes, it was a means of identification and it was done while they were under for neutering. The Social Security number was commonly used, so I suppose someone could steal your dog and your identity. As mentioned it is still done (the green stripe) to show an animal has been spayed so I hope the law excludes this usage.

I can see a regulation that only vets could tattoo dogs, but I’m not seeing any reason for an outright ban.

I believe dogs that are official military dogs had at one time, at least, serial numbers tattooed on their ears.

Is it still legal to wok your dog?

You can still tattoo your pet for the purposes of identification, and also if they have a medical procedure a tattoo can be used to indicate that they had the procedure.

Cosmetic piercings are also banned, although you can still put ear tags on rabbits and guinea pigs.

The law is maybe a little heavy handed, but it seems that any “legitimate” reason you’d have to do these procedures is still allowed.

Isn’t this the same city that tried banning large soft drinks last year?

It sounds like there are some severe air quality problems there, possibly something causing a decreased oxygen level.

ETA: Though I suppose spending so much time on nanny legislation keeps them from getting into too much real trouble,

Is this the new trend? Clickbait threads?

I wonder what the ruling would be on neuticles? Technically they aren’t adornment so much as medical but ----------

They should ban them from humans too.

The tattoos, or the neuticles?