Ford Edge and LandRover Range Rover-Same Platform?

The vehicles appear similar , and Ford used to own Land Rover-were these vehicles developed jointly?
I wonder if Ford will continue to supply engines, transmissions, etc., to Land Rover, even as LR is now owned by Tata of India.

Hardly think so as I believe the RR is RWD and the Edge is FWD.

“same platform” basically means cars that have the same fastening points so they can share engines, gearboxes etc.

So yes, you can have a RWD two seat sports car and a huge 4WD SUV that have the same platform.

I know this one!
The Ford Edge is built on the same platform as the Ford Taurus (formerly the Ford 500) which is the Volvo P2 platform. Volvo built all of their large cars (S80, S60, V70, XC70, and XC90) on the P2 platform from MY 1999-2007 when they started to replace them with cars from the P3 platform.
I am told that if you climb under an AWD Ford Edge that the AWD unit still has Volvo cast into the housing.

ETA due to lead times, I don’t think that LR was owned by Ford at the time the Edge was designed.

No, you’re thinking of the Flex, which is made in the same facility as the Edge. The Edge is based on the CD3 platform, originally from the Mazda6 and then the Fusion.

Range Rovers usually have selectable 4 wheel drive.