H2 = Tahoe

A friend made the claim that the Hummer 2 is merely a Chevy Tahoe with a different body shell.

I recently saw a photo or the result of a head on crash between a H2 and a Dodge full sized pickup truck. I was suprised to see that the H2 had a lot More damage than the PU appeared to have.

Can any dopers confirm or discredit the H2=Tahoe story?

From *Car and Driver*:

Oh, lest somebody criticize that it’s vastly oversimplifying things. . .it is, certainly. There are a lot of special unique tweaks and developments on the H2, I suppose, things like pushing buttons to lock certain wheels and shift power from here to there, etc. So it’s not merely a Tahoe in a different shell, but it is heavily based on the Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon platform.

Close enough that now I’m not suprised to see the amount of damage caused by the Dodge PU. I’d hate to see what a RPG would have done!

Ah, the H2. What a car. A fake Hummer made from a Chevy. Notice the plastic hubcaps look like they have some sort of device extending to one side? (Look here). Well, on the real Hummer (the H1) there is a device that allows the driver to raise and lower the tire pressure from within the vehicle (in some driving conditions, like on sand, you get better traction with a lower tire pressure). The H2 doesn’t have such a feature, but they’ve made the plastic hubcap so that it looks like it does. The Chevy H2 is loaded with those types of features.

Take comfort, because most cars, even wayyyy cheaper models, share platforms with higher end models.

How about the Chrysler/Mercedes sharing…or my favorite, the Ford Contout disguised as a Jaguar. Yep, it’s Contour with a Jag body (the entry level 35k Jag)

Nissan’s lineup…360Z is a bloated pig because the platform is used for sedans as well and was designed to be used for sedans…adding weight.

The entire VW car line is one car with different bodies.

The VW platform thing isn’t entirely true, though close.

Shared platforms - VW - Golf, GTI, Cabrio, Beetle, Audi A3 and Audi TT. Plus various Seats and Skodas.

Another shared platform is the VW Jetta, Audi A4/S4, and again, various Seats and Skodas.

VW Passat - Audi A6 share as well.

In the case of the Nissan 350Z, it shares a platform with the Infiniti G35 coupe and sedan and, get this, the mini SUV offering called the FX 35 and FX 45.

what platform is Chrysler sharing with Mercedes?

This is nothing new. The 64 1/2 Mustang was built on a Ford Falcon frame.

The Crossfire

Visual proof that H2 != H1.


And the Pacifica, which is based on some work I’ve done. But… not for long. Switching to Chrysler parts in the next year or so.