Ford Escape 12V outlet not working

I have a 2010 Ford Escape. Both the front and rear 12V outlets are no longer working. However, when I plug in a USB adapter into the socket, the LED on the adapter lights up. I have tried different USB adapters in both sockets, and all combinations of cables and devices to no avail.
I checked the fuse for the outlets in the passenger side panel, and it looked fine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Sounds like a high-resistance connection somewhere.
If both outlets exhibit the same problem, I would check the wiring harness or fuse box connections for that circuit.

Check that the contact in the center of the plug that’s not working isn’t pushed in, preventing it from making contact with the center contact in the outlet. Also, it’s not just the fuses in the car that you should check. The plugs themselves have fuses in them. With most of them, you should be able to unscrew the part adjacent to the center contact pin and you’ll find the fuse in there.

It’s odd that they’re not working but the light is lighting up.
Also, looking at a 2010 Escape manual says that the front power port fuse is in the passenger fuse box, but the rear one is in the underhood fuse box.

Since these are in two different locations and powered by two different fuse boxes, something odd is going on.
Have you tried a different USB cable? Have you tried a different device? If I’m right about what I said above, (the power ports being in located in different parts of the car and powered by different fuse boxes), the problem doesn’t seem like it’s with the car. At least not yet.

That type of situation it’s often the plug that you are using to test these outlets that is bad. Have you tried plugging it into someone else’s car to see if it works there?

Or that…but that’s why I suggested a different cable (which hadn’t been mentioned in the OP) as well as attempting to charge a different device to rule that out as well. Since all 4 power ports don’t work and from what I can tell they’re in no way connected AND the light on the USB adapter thing lights up, in my head, that rules out everything between that little light and the car. So we need to question everything on the other side of it. The USB port, the cable, the device, the user etc.

Of course as mentioned above (I think) there’s the chance that something is wonky that’s letting just enough current through to light up the light but not enough to run/charge a device, but, but most USB powered devices are drawing two amps or so.

If the OP has been using the same wire with all these, try a different one. Similarly, if the OP switched to a different wire when it stopped working, that’s probably the issue. Some Android and iPhone phones are really fussy about having their own cords.

We may never know, but I’m still betting it was one of the two things I suggested were wrong with the plug(s) of the non-functioning device(s).