Foreign Dopers- Can you download TV shows on iTunes?

I was in Italy this summer, and I was not able watch shows on websites like Fox or They block the viewings for licensing reasons or because of broadcasting restrictions, I imagine.

Are the same restrictions in place for iTunes? If I lived abroad, could I still buy my favorite shows on iTunes?

Not planning on moving overseas any time soon, but it is in my future plans. Just curious how different life would be.

I need my Family Guy!

Well certainly anything you’ve already bought you can still play.


In order to buy from any given country’s iTunes Music Store you must be able to show some form of residency which would be either:

a) a credit card with a billing address in that country, or

b) a mailing address in that country and a gift certificate or a prepaid card that was bought in that country.

So if you can keep one of your old credit cards from the US or borrow someone else’s, or get someone to send you gift cards from the US you should be OK.

Unofficially, there is some other kind of work around but it violates Apple’s EULA so we can’t discuss it here or at most Mac related forums. But google might be able to guide you in that regard. And anyway the two legit methods above are probably sufficient.

I’m returning to the US in a few weeks, but I’vwe spent the last 3 years in Germany. I would say you should be able to download your Itunes shows. I never had a problem doing so here.

Yes you can. Once you have a valid US account you can download from US iTunes anywhere in the world. However, you need to use a US credit card, or US prepaid gift cards.

(Thanks iTunes for the US Life on Mars! :))

As the others say, you are linked to whatever your credit card is registered as. So you will be able to buy and download American shows if you have an American credit card, but you won’t be able to buy things that are in the Italian iTunes store.

Thanks to all.

I assume that I will always have a U.S. based credit card, so it sounds like I’ll be able buy them.