Foreign swear words

ok i got this idea from “Rude English words you yanks dont get” everybody post foreign swear words you know it can always help if you can swear at someone in tehir native tongue no?

merde - french
scheisse - german
kuso - japanese (this can also mean fuck just any sort of rude exclaimation)

masturbation(various rude words for the act of not exact translations of)
roubler - german
hitorigokko - japanese has some good japanese sex slang which i cant be botherd to classify completely

you all get the idea

Hmm… having house shared with 3 guys from Serbia, I picked up a few words:

jebe se matari

The spelling is probably way off, but if you pronounce them they should sound OK. The “J” is pronounced “Y” by the way.

Lets see if anyone comes into this thread who can speak serbo-croat and can translate… :smiley:

pesawengi (pesavengi?)- wanker greek


From memory, I think thats French for F—k Off

Herge, the correct spelling is enculé, litterally someone who’s receiving it in the ass, commonally, the equivalent of a**hole

Blyet = whore
Yop t’vaya matsch (phonetically) = go f*** your mother

Chinga tu madre


Both mean about the same thing, roughly translated to “motherfucker”, but ever so much more personal and insulting.

Hungarians, as I always say, don’t have swear words they have swear phrases. They’re a nation of poets, and their swearwords always have a lovely visual motif.

  A few examples-
    Lófasz a seggedbe- Horse cock up your arse.
    Kurva anyád bassza meg a kecskét- hard to literally   
    translate, but the general gist would be- your mother, 
    the whore, fucks goats
    and one I learnt recently, not too complex, but I like it
    Faszkalap- fuck hat

I hardly ever get the chance to say them in anger, but I like to showcase them at parties when people ask me how learning Hungarain is going

The swedes swear so mildly (in translation anyhow). Sexual swearwords are fairly uncommon, although calling girls whores or cunts has become more common in recent years.

Dra åt helvete - Go to hell (equivelant to fuck off)
Fy fan! - By the devil! (equiv. for fucks sakes)
Satan! Javlar! - Satan! Devils! (equiv. shit/fuck)

Another Japanese one is chikusho!, usually used for anger or frustration in the same way that shit! or fuck! are.

No, no… chinga tu puta madre, pendejo.

Haven’t threads like these been closed down in the past?

Alright you guys, check this site out.

BTW, I am of French Canadian descent, and thought it might be relevant to mention that when saying “merde” in Canadian French, the E is pronounced like “ah” and there’s just a little bit of a rolled R. Needless to say, the Parisian pronounciation is quite different.

Du me (with some appropriate inflections that have long since been lost to me) means “motherfucker” in Vietnamese.

When I wish to insult foreigners I turn to Swearosaurus for insults in 124 languages.

oh mighty gods (typo; mods) please dont shut this down there is no reason to do so we are simply trying to apread the languages of all the races across the world

I have none to add beyond the (pretty basic) ones in the first couple of posts.

However, I wanted to note that I am a huge fan of the tremendously inventive, and almost poetic, swear phrases such as those highlighted by hanza in the Hungarian.

Anyone can come up with long and convoluted swear phrases, but to think that a phrase such as “your mother, the whore, fucks goats” is as common to the Magyars as “wanker” is to us, pleases me greatly.

So, any more of these you wish to add (making sure they are a standard term of abuse in regular usage), please do so!

There are quite a few of them in Irish pierre72, I don’t know them in Irish, but two of my favourites are:

May every tooth in your head fall out but for the one that pains you.
May you die in a town with no priest.

I seem to recall this one as “du ma me”, but it’s been a lot of years.

Great thread, I gotta say.

My contribution, in chinese, Hokkien, I believe;

Cunny now boo ay chow chee bye. (phonetic)

I was taught this my my chinese friends in Singapore. Oh what a giggle it was at the time. Two days later, they forced me to repeat these words to her Mom, how embarassing. Still after much prompting, I blurted them out and everyone enjoyed a big laugh.

Just clean fun right?

Two weeks later, on the occassion of the many aged aunties visiting, as they held court in the kitchen, I was summoned, and requested I say ‘it’.

I was stunned, I stammered and hummed and hawed before the venerated old aunties, it seemed until the entire household was hollering just say it. I looked to my friend for support, she just shrugged and said ‘just say it’. So I did. And, of course, it was the most amusing thing they’d ever heard, my embarassment notwithstanding. They forced it out of me one more time before I managed to flee the room.

The closest translation I’ve been able to get is,
‘Go suck your mother’s infected cunt.’

Enchanting story, yes?

Years pass, whenever I see these people they still want to hear it. They taught me other words, useful words. They don’t seem terribly interested that I still know those.

I knew a Chinese guy at work who told me that when he first came to the U.S. a couple months before, a friend had told him a German phrase (I don’t know what it was) and said it meant “hello.” My friend went and said it to a German guy, only to find out that it was actually swearing.


pronounce perrrrkele for extra effect

just means the devil, but the Rs give you satisfaction…