Teach me to swear in other languages. Part 1: Interjections

Obviously, this thread will contain coarse, uncouth, and foul language.

I woke up this morning, jumped out of bed, and my right calf immediately cramped. After yelling out, “FUCK,” and rousing my wife, I worked out the cramp and went downstairs to make the coffee. While waiting for my morning elixir, I realized that I don’t know a comparable word or phrase in any other language (except, “scheisse,” in German, but I don’t know if that word is comparably strong).

So, Dopers, will you teach me to exclaim with profanity in other languages? Let’s start with interjections/exclamations. What would you cry out after stepping on a Lego or stubbing your toe in the middle of the night? Explanations of proper usage, pronunciation guides or links, translations, and interesting trivia are all welcome additions (particularly pronunciations, and especially if they are from outside of German or the common Romance languages).

I think Part 2 will cover, “asshole,” and other words to describe every driver but you.

Merde! (Shit, in French)

uckfay! (fuck in pig latin)

Shazbat! (Orkan)

UK English. “Bollocks” is very versatile. A bit milder than fuck, but still can be used as an interjection, exclamation, or indeed, an ejaculation.

Typical use might be for a slighter inconvenience than cramp (which would also require a “fuck”, or more likely a “fucking hell”) such as dropping the last piece of toast on the floor; this would warrant an “oh, bollocks”.

It can also be used to indicate nonsense or balderdash ie “What a load of [old] bollocks”, or simply “BOLLOCKS”

Conversely, it can be pressed into use as a compliment ie “Those shoes are the [dog’s] bollocks”. Absolutely key here is “the”. “Man City were bollocks this season” and “Man City were the bollocks this season”… two very different sentences.

Putain ! works, too. Literally it means “whore” but it’s also used as an all-purpose interjection when things don’t go your way.

You can also make garlands of profanities like Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d’enculé de ta mère. But only when you’re really peeved.

Here’s one encountered in the wild.

In Germany, the Bavarians are most creative with swear words. *Himmelherrgottsakramentzefixhallelujascheissglumpatverreckts *is the longest I’ve heard of.

But for daily use, fuck!=Scheiße! and asshole=Arschloch are sufficient.

In Panama, the most common swear words include:

¡Coño! (technically means “cunt,” but is much softer than that in American English) Used freely and commonly by both men and women.

¡Carajo! (technically “dick,” but likewise softer.) Often ¡Ajo! (“garlic”) is substituted.

¡Chucha! (also “cunt,” but has different meanings in other Spanish-speaking countries.) Often ¡Chuleta! (“pork chop”) is substituted, much to the confusion of people not familiar with the original word.

*¡Mierda! *(“shit”). Often ¡Miercoles! (Wednesday) is substituted.

¡Puta madre! (“whore mother”)

Italian: che cazzo! “What the fuck?!?”
edit: “cazzo” is quite a flexible word.

I presume that “Puta Madre” is a profanity, rather than just an obscenity? That is to say, that it’s referring to Mary, but calling her a slut rather than a virgin?

Also found in this parody (0:26) of “edgy” 1990s French films - you don’t need to speak French to get the point.

I don’t think so. It’s a generic mother. It’s like saying “motherfucker!” as an exclamation.

Confusingly, de puta madre means “great, awesome,” like "That’s motherfucking great!

A more extended and classic version is quoted by Hemingway, Me cago en la leche de tu puta madre!, “I shit in the milk of your whore mother!”

Perkele is a Finnish universal swearword that is so useful even neighbouring nations have picked it up. You just can’t argue with that kind of utility.

Qu’vatlh! in Klingon.

Would Unca Cecil let you down?

Leave off that last “e” and you get shit. Replace that last “e” with “kopf” and you get shithead.

Well, “Scheiss” as in “Was ein Scheiss!” (“What a shit!”) is common, but nobody uses “Scheisskopf”, though everybody would understand the intention. A closer counterpart to “shithead” would be “Pappkopp”, though that’s regional (Westphalian mostly).

Maybe it was more common in the Sixties. :wink:

Norwegian: “Faen!” (The devil) or “Helvete!” Hell.

Or you could go full bore: “Jævla, forbannede drittfaen!” “Damned, cursed shitdevil!”

…and that is why Northlanders stole perkele from the Finns.