Forever 27 by Scott LoBaido

There’s a poster called Forever 27 by Scott LoBaido in which it shows Jimi Hendrix,Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison sitting around in what appears to be a cafe,and Kurt Cobain is just walking through the door…this very Dali-esque poster is choked full of symbolism relating to the late musicians,I read somewhere that there are 27 symbols,I’ve got some of them,some I don’t…here’s what I’ve got so far:

*The Clock-All
*Ball & Chain-Janis
*Mercedes Benz Grill-Janis
*Screaming Butterfly-Jim
*Pennyroyal Tea-Kurt
*Heart Shaped Box-Kurt

What I don’t have:

*The Rose
*The Dove
*The Milkshake
*The Dragonfly
*The Cherubs
*The Hands Above The Door
*The Waterfall
*The Hole In The Countertop

I’m sure some of you have seen this poster,maybe some of you may even have it…can anyone shed some light on the symbols that I don’t have? I’d put a picture of it in the post but I can’t,but you can see the poster at

Any help is much appreciated!

~Angel :confused:

Oh yeah…if anyone is wondering about the symbols that I DO have,just ask…I didn’t have time to write the explainations for them all…some were obvious,some took a closer look,and others were more difficult…like the Mercedes Benz grill…I was wondering what that thing was by Janis’s feet…until my dad(who is a car guy) pointed out that it’s a grill from an old Mercedes Benz…After that it was like,“Oh,Duh…”


“Oh lord,won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?..”