RIP Dallas Taylor, Drummer

And we lose yet another one this week. Dallas Taylor, best known as the drummer for CSNY during their marquee years passed away on Monday.

While Taylor was well known for his drug issues, he had cleaned up and turned his life around in recent years. Evidently, though, it came too late.

Taylor was 66.

(Apologies if this is a duplicate. I didn’t see another posting)

You are a year too late. How did you do that? You must be looking at rock and roll deaths on Wiki and got the year wrong?

Well that will teach me to listen to musician friends who text me at 7 am. lol

He attached a link to an article that worked this morning but now leads nowhere.
Apologies for any confusion.

At least stillownedbysetters isn’t alone. :slight_smile:

Crosby, Stills & Nash drummer dies in 2015; Internet finds out just now.

I’ve had several friends post this on Facebook, so you’re and your friend aren’t alone.

A month or so ago I was browsing Wikipedia articles about CSNY stuff. I know I read Greg Reeves page (quite interesting). I sort of remember glancing at Taylor’s but the fact that he had died didn’t stick.

Yeah, I think Facebook is fueling lots of old death notice resurrections. I’ve seen Bob Denver die about three different times over there.

Ravi Shankar’s death has been making the rounds lately for some reason. Often these things pop up on the anniversary of the person’s death, but Shankar died three years and one month ago.

I have a cousin in Texas who mends clothes for a living.

He is a Dallas tailor.

Maybe not as well-known as Taylor but we’ve just lost Mott the Hoople’s 67-year-old drummer Dale “Buffin” Griffin.


The article points out that Griffin died a week to the day after David Bowie, who wrote and produced Hoople’s biggest hit, All the Young Dudes.