Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller dead at 41

CNN story

Well, fuck. :frowning:

I was going to start a thread on this. Sucks. He’s about my age, too. Soul Asylum recorded an album earlier this year and the band was in the process of finding a label for it.

RIP, Karl.
BTW, the wire stories have it wrong. Dan Murphy plays guitar, not drums.

And it was Pirner who played drums in the original incarnation of Soul Asylum that the story references. I suppose they’re not technically incorrect, as he went on to play guitar in SA.

Anyway…RIP, Karl. You’ll be missed.

Here’s another nice story from a local Twin Cities rag.

I bought Grave Dancers Union from a guy on the street for five bucks the day after it came out. I had just turned eighteen and I was angry at I don’t know what, so very angry.

Every song on that record was perfect. I bought every other Soul Asylum record that week. I still can’t listen to GDU without choking up a bit. His part in my adolescence is just as large as anyone else’s.

(Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.)

Wow, I sort of know someone (OK, I met her once, but she’s very good friends with one of my very good friends) who’s going to be marrying one of the other band members very soon. This will certainly put a damper on the festivities. :frowning: