Matt "Guitar" Murphy dead at 88


Another Blues Brother band member gone. :frowning:


Ddamn, he was good. RIP Mr. Murphy; you totally fucking rocked.


You know a guitar player is old-school when his nickname is “Guitar”.

Damn. :frowning:

He ain’t goin’ back on the road no more, and he ain’t playin’ in those old two-bit sleazy dives…


Damn and double damn. You better think he was one of the best.

So who is left from the group?

Good question. I though they were all gone, and this was a bump of a 3 year old thread. Gathering legends for the final song at the end of Blues Brothers 2000 was something of a “last gasp” at getting everyone together.

Dead Blues Brothers:

Joliet “Jake” Blues (John Belushi), died March 5, 1982
Alan “Mr. Fabulous” Rubin, died June 8, 2011
Donald “Duck” Dunn, died May 13, 2012
Matt “Guitar” Murphy, died June 15, 2018

And Curtis (Cab Calloway) if you count him as a member of the band.

Other actors from the original Blues Brothers movie who have since died and date of death:

John Candy as Burton Mercer (March 4, 1994)
Cab Calloway as Curtis (November 18, 1994)
John Lee Hooker as Street Slim (June 21, 2001)
Kathleen Freeman as Sister Mary Stigmata (August 23, 2001)
Ray Charles as Ray (June 10, 2004)
Jeff Morris as Bob of Bob’s Country Bunker(July 12, 2004)
James as Reverend Cleophus James (December 25, 2006)
Henry Gibson as the head Nazi (September 14, 2009)
Charles Lewis Napier as Tucker McElroy (October 5, 2011)
Carrie Fisher as Jake’s ex-girlfriend (December 27, 2016)

Along with Duck Dunn the band had Steve Cropper and Willie Hall from Booker T and the MGs. Hall and Cropper are still with us.

Mr Fabulous is gone but Blue Lou Marini is still around.

Musical director Paul Schaffer is alive and well.

Damn what a great band.

The way he throws down his apron as he walked out the door was priceless.

Dan Ackroyd is still around (I think? There was a death rumor that I believe was debunked).

I got everything I need… almost.


I know that BB2K catches a lot of shit, but I thought it was an enjoyable movie with lots of great music, and that big number at the end was incredible.

I found the long version on YouTube that didn’t cut that off.

“Well, go ahead, dammit!!!”

Damn, I needed to see and hear that today.

I saw him play at Bridgewater State College on the early 70s, before the movie. I remember he had those huge biceps and I recognized him immediately in the movie.

I saw Blue Lou Marini on Austin City Limits playing in James Taylor’s band a year or two ago. I kept looking at the sax player thinking “I know I’ve seen this guy before” and it took me a bit to connect the dots. Damn that movie was a long time ago now…

Blue Lou’s finest moment(STARTS at 1:58)