Forge and Edge

Has anyone else in the comic reading community picked up these monthly books from Crossgen? I’ve almost always been a Marvel and DC man myself, but these compilations of the company’s monthly books are cheap, easy to store and collect, and always on time as far as shipping goes.

Great value too, 9 or so issues for 12 bucks, with no ads every three pages. Not all their titles collected in these two books are fantastic ( like the so-so “The First”) but on the whole, the stuff is interesting.

They’re getting cheaper – in December they go to about $8 for 8 issues. I had been reading all of Crossgen’s titles since the beginning in single issue format but have just switched to the compendia and I think it’s a great format.


P.S. I love The First, but it’s complex as hell; it’s only good in big chunks.