Forget the economy, the wars infrastructure, THIS is what's important

What’s the ‘fashion sense’ of Michelle Obama.

Good fucking lord.

I’m ok with a passing mention. but goddam. so far, 3 entire segments about it. including interviews with the designers.

Damn. "it’s a color w/some precedent’

Forget everything else, it’s a new J Crew day!

I work in an office full of women, and that was pretty much the topic of conversation for the entire day post-speech.

I had to take a half day.

On Monday, the Chicago Tribune had an article about her eyebrows. I wish I was kidding.

I did really like her yellow dress, though. :slight_smile:

They said on the “news” that J. Crew’s website was flooded to death when someone announced that that’s where the kids got their coats. Sigh.

Loved her dresses… except the Wilma Flintstone one…

Why ‘sigh’? They were nice coats. I want one.

See, I don’t have a problem with E! focusing on her fashion, what the kids wore etc. I have a problem when it seems to be a fucking focal point of the actual news coverage. I admit, I watch the Hollywood ‘news’ stuff from time to time. But when I’m watching like, an actual news program, I (silly me) expect, you know, actual news.

Why do you hate America?

Seeing that ABC was devoting their airtime to discussing Madame Obama’s dress, I switched over to the “hard news” alternative, CNN, just in time for the beginning of a new segment discussing the First Lady’s dress.

“In a moment, your local forecast! Accurate and dependable, from the Weather Channel! But first, a storm of controversy over Michelle Obama’s dress…”

People are a bit giddy atm. Give it some time…things will calm down and we can get back to what’s important. Is there a new Survivor season coming up soon??


I heard Obama met with people in the oval office today, wearing a tie, but no coat!!! :eek:

Has Bush gotten in his first golf game yet?

The TV in the restaurant we ate lunch in yesterday was tuned to ESPN, and we were treated to “What will the Obama presidency mean to the world of sports?” And all I wanted to know was what Michelle wore. Thank heaven for the iPhone. :slight_smile:

I usually wake up at 8:00 or so and skim through an hour of the Today Show with the 30-sec skip button on my Tivo. The day after inauguration it was just unwatchable. Dress, dress, dress, kid who designed dress, dress, and more dress.

As I recall, there were a lot of stories about women’s dresses in the White House during the Clinton administration, too. Maybe it’s a Democrat thing?

Its a “new first lady” thing - we got them with Laura Bush early on as well. Mrs. Bush really didn’t spend a lot of time in the limelight for people to comment on her shoes though - so she didn’t feed it. Hillary did (is she Mrs. Clinton again now, Senator Clinton out of respect still, Secretary Clinton? Not sure…) Nancy Reagan got a lot of attention for her clothes as well.

(I always thought Laura Bush had great taste in clothes - she looks a bit like my mother.)