That DRESS, Mrs Obama...

OK, on the one hand the crusty old Pedant is tearing up on seeing Obama take the Presidency.

On the other hand, if even this geezer thinks that dress did her a grave injustice on such a great night, it must be HORRIBLE to people with actual sartorial expertise.

The complaint is so petty it belongs in the Pit. But so does that dress.

She walked out on stage and my first thought was, “Oh, Michelle, what the hell are you wearing?!!” Thank Og she’ll have a stylist once she’s officially First Lady. I love her to death, but that was perfectly hideous.

I hear Sarah’s going to be taking some nice things to the consignment shop soon…

I guess it’s true - I have no sense of style. I liked it.

Its guaranteed to show up on gofugyourself - horrid dress. But she looked happy.

I think she may be pregnant. I hope she is. I want a baby in the white house.

Haha, this is the first thing that my girlfriend said too. Well they can’t all be winners and I have a feeling that poor Michelle will be in the Who Wore It Best column in plenty of the checkout rags in the years to come. So what, good for her.

Uh, cite?

Dress, or oven bun?

That dress was dreadful.

Ugly and unflattering.

Me too…

Another vote for hideous. But I love her!

I wasn’t blown away, but I thought that it was pretty good. That red was good on her.

I had that same thought too… at one point, she appeared to be “holding” her stomach, the way that pregnant women do.

Either way, yes that dress was horrible!!! (A good photo here and here.) During the campaign so far, she has dressed so well, so I don’t know what went wrong tonight. The first daughters’ dresses were cute though, and the youngest one’s corkscrew curls.

I liked Mrs. McCain’s dress (or suit), Sarah Palin’s dress was really classy, and Mrs. Biden’s suit was lovely in a bright lime color.

Oh YUCK! Is that tie-dyed? The girls look darling, though-I wish MY hair looked that good!

Well I guess we know now why they call you Chief Pedant


Yeah but doesn’t she make up for it with that fine ass?

Well, the dress made her look pregnant, and it was an unfortunate choice for TV. I kept hoping it looked better in person.

And the thing is, she’s always appeared to be the sort of person anything looks good on. I expect to be hearing more about this dress.

a) Michelle Obama is a stunningly attractive woman.

b) I don’t think the dress is that terrible. The cut is very stylish and looks great on her, it’s just the colour–it needs to be one solid, not two-tone.

Lime green should not be worn by anyone, ever.

Huh. I like it.