Forgive me, for I have been a Star Wars geek

So, I’m waiting in line at the video store minding my own business. A woman in the line next to me reaches the counter with her selection in hand. She has an old VHS copy of Star Wars, and the new DVD version. In her innocence, she asks the checker “this DVD one is better, right, 'cuz its newer?”

I swear, I don’t know what came over me. I suddenly found myself explaining the controversy surrounding the changes that were made, their implications to the Star Wars fans as well as my personal take on the matter. You know, pretty clearly not minding my own business.

Everyone took it pretty well (although they were a little agog), and she did choose the VHS, but still: What the fuck?

Uh, the force is strong with you?

Mindful, be you, or the Dark Side travel down you will. Pride, arrogance, anger… these lead down that path…

It was probably still the Special Edition from 1997 on the VHS, so she actually missed out on a great DVD quality movie with no ‘gain’ of any original footage.

I don’t believe the Original Untouched Versions are available for sale anywhere anymore.

Actually, I know it to be the older version because I have rented it before. Not that this excuses my odd behavior.

If you were a true Star Wars geek, you wouldn’t have to rent it. :wink:

Mine wore out :stuck_out_tongue: