How many copies of Star Wars do you own?

The thread about first DVDs, CDs etc. made me think of this. For the original trilogy, I have:

  1. Copies I taped off of HBO (Or SHO etc.).
  2. The Official original VHS Releases (where the boxes were basically the movie posters).
  3. A Boxed VHS release that at the time was the only way to get them in Letter box
  4. The Official VHS Re-Releases that came out just before the Special Editions.
  5. Bootlegs of the Special Editions on DVD
  6. Bootlegs of the unaltered movies on DVD
  7. The Official Special Edition DVD Release.
  8. The Official Blu Ray Release.

Anyone have ones I missed or other movies where you ended up buying copy after copy?

I DVR’d Clone Wars…

Never bought a single copy of the movies, but I used to own a bunch of the novels.

Three - a pan & scan VHS version (which I keep only because it’s my only copy of the “original” versions of episodes 4-6), a widescreen VHS, and the first widescreen DVD version. I didn’t get the Blu-Ray because I think there was too much tinkering with this version.

Did they ever make the original trilogy available on DVD? I would buy that one copy if it is available now.

After years of avoiding everything because they weren’t pure (or whatever) I finally bought the original trilogy on BD this Christmas, because it cost $5 through various promotions I had with Best Buy.

I decided it doesn’t matter if I have some “fake” and “altered” versions of Star Wars. I wanted a nice copy of the movies, dammit! Also I’m a girl so I can have whatever version I want and still be cool.

Yes, without all that special edition stuff, too.

I have the original, unaltered, trilogy on VHS that I’ve seen several times since I got it in the early 90s. My wife also bought me the two trilogies on Blu Ray a little while ago after we got our player.

I have the original, unaltered versions on laserdisc. Nope, no ld player.

I’ve got two copies of the trilogy on VHS
the trilogy on laserdisc
and the trilogy on dvd (the 2006 one with the original cuts)

Not a one. I had the VHS box set back in the day, and then I got the Laserdiscs. At some point I sold my LD player, and the discs went with it. All of this long before Lucas started screwing around with the movies. Now I’m stuck–the only way to get the real deal is the non-anamorphic widescreen that comes with that one box set. Dammit, George. :mad:

bootleg of the OOT
OT Special Edition DVDs

I think I may have had the original trilogy on VHS. If so I certainly didn’t get custody of it in the divorce.

I did see the original broadcast of the Star Wars Holiday Special so extra points for me.

Original trilogy: Three, I think.

I might have a VHS set, I’m pretty sure I have the three on LaserDisc, and I have the original trilogy on DVD.

Just the DVDs. I’d spring for the Blu-Ray because the quality is usually worth it, but the number of changes deters me.


One legal and one bootleg copy of Phantom Menace, the latter complete with Thai subtitles.


You poor bastard.

The original ROTJ on VHS and the augmented trilogy in a VHS boxset.

They got a viewing of sorts recently when I figured it was somewhat strange that my daughter knew everything about Star Wars from Angry Birds.

I’ve got four copies of the original movie, I think. One original VHS. One VHS boxed trilogy, one DVD, and one I taped off TV. I have two or three copies of the others. (of the original trilogy. I think I have one copy of each of the “prequels”)