"Forgotten Diver" saved by a Boy Scout

From this CNN article:

OK, if you’re diving with a group of 20 people, sure I can see how you *might * be forgotten.

But diving with *three * people? They “forgot” him? And never noticed in five hours time, “Uh hey, guys, what happened to Dan?” Or, if they did notice, maybe report it? Am I wrong in thinking something is supremely odd here?

Sorry, they did report it, but not until 12:03 - nearly 4 hours after they had left him.

Hmmm. Sounds fishy to me. How do you not notice that one of your three companions isn’t with you?

The other two divers should NOT have continued their dive past the descent point! They should have surfaced to look for their missing buddy!

Plus, the boat’s divemaster is responsible for conducting a head count (or roll call) before leaving each dive site. 3 down means 3 up, or else call it in at once! How are they to know if the missing diver is on the surface or at depth??

Kudos to the lost diver for his survival skills, and to the Boy Scouts’ rescue work. That was a wonderful job of spotting the diver on the surface!

<Nitpick> Other 3 divers - it was a group of 4 </nitpick>

Also, they reported him at the *second * dive site - and that’s where search crews were looking for him when they got word of the rescue. I’m sorry but, if they don’t have their act together to the extreme that they actually thought he had made the second dive with them - much less that he had surfaced from the first dive with them - then they have no business being in the water at all.

I smell something fishy too, and you know what they say… Under the water, the fish don’t stink. There’s no way you don’t notice that a quarter of your group went missing four hours ago; there’s no way in hell they could have thought that he actually made the second dive with them.

Wow, it reminds of the plot of this movie opening in August Open Water which is based on a real life story. Does anyone have any information about the real life details Open Water is based on?

Her’s info that might help :wink:

That guy needs to find some new friends. Reminds me of the Far Side cartoon of the astronaut standing on the moon as the space ship flies away, reading a note…" Where were you? We waited and waited…". :slight_smile:

I signed up for the advanced class today. I printed off the article and took it to the dive shop with me. The owner is going to use it in his Rescue class thta he’s teaching in a couple of days.

As a diver and Eagle Scout myself, I salute the rescuer.

Jeez dudes… how LONG does it take to realize your buddy’s not HERE!