Former CBC radio host Jurgen Gothe has died

Jurgen Gothe has died. He died on Thursday afternoon, “during happy hour,” the linked article says.

I remember when I was in high school and I used to listen to his show as often as I could. I think I owe much of my love of radio, and even much of my love of music, to Jurgen Gothe.

He once sent me a cookbook he’d written, in return for a piece of music I’d sent him. He seemed like a nice guy.

His show has been off the air for some years now, but it was quite popular in its day.

I used to listen to him once in a while when I was in high school. His voice was very soothing!

Yep, me too. Listened every day. How sad.

I got introduced to so much of the music that I like, through his show.