FORMER Wisconsin hospital employee deliberately destroys >500 doses of COVID vaccine

How stupid were these people that they have such poor understanding of what the concept “freedom of speech” means?

Why do so many people think it means “Freedom from consequences of my speech”???

Why do so many people think “Freedom of Speech” applies to private companies.

These are the same people who are fundamentalist about private property rights!

Hint to people like that: Your job is not your private property. It’s your employer’s private property and they’re free to do whatever they want with it. Like kick your sorry loud-mouthed ass out of it.

And thanks for the glossary. I would barely have passed that test despite knowing all the full phrases.

That was a joke!

I did see the seven acronyms and my first thought was “Whew, I’m going to have to waste some time googling…”
So actual thanks for spelling them out.

I was only confused by “APIHM LinkedIn”… was that a whoosh?..there aren’t multiple LinkedIns for different ethnicities, are there?

Presumably that should have been “on LinkedIn”.

Checking an applicant’s social media can often reveal this kind of thing. A person who is REALLY militant about political and/or religious beliefs can definitely create a hostile working environment.

Of the employee relations issues I have where I work, rarely do politics or religion enter the picture. And I’ll remind you that religion is a protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you take adverse action against an applicant because they’re really “militant” (whatever that means) about their religious beliefs you may be in violation of the law and leave your employer vulnerable to litigation. And examining social media might lead to bias in hiring which is something we generally try to avoid. Maybe a hiring manager looks on Facebook and sees Jan has two kids under the age of 5 and decides she’s likely to miss a lot of work. It’s something to consider.

My company has a different department do background checks (where they might look at social media). The hiring decision is made before the background check is completed, and then it’s only revealed as pass or fail.

Where I work (Washington State government) if there is any hint that we viewed a candidate’s social media and it influenced a hiring decision, that’s illegal. We have to be extremely careful about that. When I’m involved in the hiring process our HR folks have to remind us about that.

That reminded me of a woman who told me about an employer who, while interviewing people, would have someone check the interviewee’s car “to see how much garbage they had in it.” Okay, first of all, how would they know which car belonged to the person being interviewed, or how they would know it was theirs and not borrowed or a rental car?

I guessed that if this was true, they were actually checking for car seats, or bumper stickers with potentially troublesome beliefs expressed on them.

You forgot to include CEO/COO in your glossary. Now we’re going to be sleepless all night trying to figure that out.

Joke or not, there were a couple I would have had to look up, and I appreciate you making the extra effort to, you know, communicate.