Formula 1 Thread

Yes, I called this last year, in the 2020 F1 thread. Of course, it’s just common sense, anyone could have observed that they weren’t going to push aside the young blood just to give an old warhorse like Kimi a car with a realistic shot at the podium. He put his time in, that’s for damn sure. I hope he still pops up in interviews to entertain us - although when I imagine the retirement of Kimi Raikkonen, I picture him living in a cabin inside a cave underneath a mountain in the middle of the South Pole.

He’s an Australian, they are a resilient bunch. I’m sure a shoe isn’t the worst drinking vessel he’s ever used.

Stewards blame verstappen…

Champagne is grape juice that yeast have been pissing and farting in, so I wouldn’t be too worried about a couple drops of foot sweat.

And yet, when Lewis was alongside in the same way at Silverstone and sent Max at high speed to the shadow realm that was perfectly legitimate, somehow.

Lewis Hamilton: the Tom Brady of F1. Gotta protect the champ, I guess. Also, Lewis never checked on Max when he hit him with the finisher a few weeks ago, never even asked. The announcers keep calling it a respectful rivalry. Yeah, no.

Ha ha ha. No.
Mostly on Verstappen, and if he bitches about his deserved penalty, Hamilton can point to Max’s own behaviour in Lap 1, never mind other races.

eh? Lewis was deemed to be mostly at fault and was given a ten second penalty.

What incident are you referring to?

That ten-second penalty amounted to nothing. He won the race. Plus, they were allowed to fix his car under the red flag. No grid penalty, no penalty points, nothing. That wasn’t a punishment, at all.

And that’s the incident I’m talking about. Max was in the hospital and Lewis never even asked about him while he was doing his celebration dance on the fencing after the race, never said that he hoped Max was OK during the post-race interview, nothing.

Penalties are adjudicated with reference to the nature of the infringement, not the outcome. Always have been. You can’t realistically do it any other way.

Lewis asked specifically over the radio whether Max was OK or not, he did that immediately after the crash. You maybe weren’t following the coverage, I was.
Max later went to hospital for a check-up and Lewis did not know that whilst he was on the podium.

A ten sec penalty is massive. Just because he won doesn’t mean it wasn’t a massive penalty. It just shows how dominant he was that day.

And it’s not like they only let Hamilton repair his car under the red flag. everyone is able to.

Grid penalties are usually only assigned when whatever infraction is determined before or after the actual race, as we saw this weekend.

Now, I might actually agree that Hamilton might have deserved points on his superlicense. But the rest of your post is garbage.

You should stop getting your coverage from Reddit. Hamilton asked if Verstappen was okay immediately after the accident over the radio, and the team advised him (apparently incorrectly) that Verstappen had been released from the hospital during the cool-down lap.

As far as the 10-second penalty, the stewards never look at the effect of a penalty, just at whether it is appropriate based on the infraction.

Bad call in my opinion. Shoulda let it slide as a ‘racing incident’. I still think Lewis is a putz.

Great video here that nerds out over cars’ lap times over the years. It’s only 11 min long, but I would totally watch an expanded 2hr feature on this subject.

Also, the Schumacher documentary that just dropped on Netflix is…meh. I watched it and enjoyed it. But I’m not into this sport so much for the people as I am the the machines/engineering.