Formula One season ending thread

What a year! What a championship! What a final race!

I can’t remember any single season (other than last year of course) since maybe 1984 with such excitement going into the last event. Pretty good stuff.

Now that Schumy’s been gone and the new blood has proven an exciting lot and a dramatic improvement to the seasons, I hope F1 will weed out some of the “old guard” and continue to bring the new breed up. I can only think it will be better for the sport. It certainly livened up the last couple years.

Coultard, gone. Button, Barrichello, Fishy and Trulli need to go, too. Night race? Who gives a crap? Didn’t do anything for me, personally. But I know, its all about the money. No more North American races? :eek: Maybe the folks out at Miller Motorsports can do something about that. Thats an easy drive for me!

How about Vettell? What a sensation he became. And Glock, despite his “performance” in Brazil? (New term: GlockBlocked! :smiley: ) Ferrari nabed the Constructor’s Championship, so I’m good with it all.

I’m already looking* WAAAY *ahead to next season!

So, did you all enjoy it?

What for? If you put any of them in a Ferrari or a McLaren they’ll win the championship, too.

F1 is too much about the teams and too little about the drivers overall, the few highlights notwithstanding.

Have you seen Vettel ride this season? Have you seen the difference between Hamilton and Kovalainen, Alonso and Piquet? A couple of years ago I would probably have felt the same way as you do, but I really think you can’t claim that it’s just the cars (although I’d be the first to admit it helps).

About the last race, the last laps were just amazing. I can’t help but feel sorry for Massa, it almost seemd like the 5 second flurry of rain during the final bends of the last lap may have caused Glock to have trouble accelarating out of the final corner (he was the still on slicks). Hamilton champion only because of a coule drops of rain.

To be fair to Hamilton, he was winning the Championship for all but a few laps.
If Glock had pitted when the rain started near the end (like almost everyone else did), Hamilton would have won comfortably.