Fornicate the Democrats for voting down the public option

Well, the Democratic Party proved once again that they truly are pussies. Five of them on the Senate Finance Committee sided with the Republicans and voted against the public option. The final vote was 15-8.

No actual Democrat voted against Rockefeller’s ammendment.
Only Republicans and senators who lie about their actual political affiliation voted against it.

You win.
Close this thread.

Och, tis certain cold in Glasgow.

So basically, we’re not reforming health care after all.

You see what’s happening, don’t you? The Republicans and spineless Democrats will oppose any fundamental change in health care, and then when nothing improves, they’ll blame Obama for it’s failure. :mad:

I’d really like to see a comprehensive analysis of Senators and Representatives’s views on public option and money donated to their campaign by insurance lobbyists.

Yes we are. We’re just not going to have a public option. Reforming health care and having a public option aren’t synonymous.

This is Bush’s fault, right? Or Karl Rove.

You did read the OP that blamed Democrats, right? Scroll up to the top. I’ll wait.

This is not at all certain at this point. The senate must reconcile its final bill with the house’s final bill. The committee that does that might well include the house’s public option. Then we’ll see if the DINO’s have the balls to vote against it when it truly matters.

You misunderstand. If their position wins the day, there’ll be Democrats looking to run against them next time they’re up for election.
I’ve already written my bluedog senator and explained this to him.

Bricker, you troll, how can you wirte that!
We all know it’s Cheney you dumbass.

But, seriously, as much as the UHC and public option plans are not to my liking (I’m not an American so it’s only philosiphical), Barry’s gotta start kicking some Democrat ass because, as **Skammer **said, he’s gonna take the blame.

I misunderstood you? You really weren’t claiming that the people who voted against the Rockefeller amendment weren’t actual Democrats?

Don’t fornicate with them, better their descendants be cut off.

Defenestrate those who behave this way–that’s a more apt curse.

Here’s what you’re looking for, if only partially. Scroll down until you get to the table.

Democrat Senators actually listening to their constituents? My God, whatever next!

This is not good.

It’s a good start. Thanks. I’ll search out some more info.

A stunning victory for our Corporatocracy.