Fort Lauderdale for a day - what do see/do?

Going on a cruise soon out of Fort Lauderdale and we’ll have a day and a half to wander the area. I’m sure we’ll spend some time at the beach, but we also want to see what else is around.

Any must-sees?

(no kids, just adults in our 50s & 60s, semi-adventurous, probably no vehicle).


I live just outside of Fort Lauderdale, and work in the city.

My standard answer to this is to PM me to grab a beer. (Or if you want to discuss anything in more detail that you don’t want in this thread.)

No vehicle…ok. Public transportation here kinda sucks. You can take cabs to get places, though.

Where are you staying, and what types of things are you interested in?

We have museums (both science and art), nature, night clubs, restaurants…all the normal trappings of a decent sized city.