Fortitude - Anyone watching?

A murder mystery and possible biological infection set in the town of Fortitude, high above the Arctic Circle.

I’m about four episodes in, so far it’s really creepy and good, although the mysteries are myriad in the first season. The show also jumps right in to the mysteries without much explanation. It’s definitely a show you need to pay attention to.

Watched that quite awhile ago. It was fairly creepy and had an unexpected resolution.

yep, last year probably. Think they made/are making S2.

I’m a fan; I just started season 2. It’s weird, but in a good way. The cast is great, and it’s quirky, but not surreal.

Ha, I didn’t realize that this came out last year. I just found it on amazon over the weekend.

Series two is out in the UK.

I loved the scene where Stanley Tucci stared down the sheriff.