Fortuitous nightmares and feeling silly

So, had a dream last night. I was in class, and didn’t have time to eat during the hour long lunch break, so I try to grab a snack from the shopette, but there is little to be found.

At some point, the dream takes on a theme of me having various difficulties with my clothes, and at one point dropping my wallet. When I try to get back to class, I get lost, with a doorway leading back to the classroom no longer leading there. I run around trying to find my way, running past various airman leaders (all of them green ropes, I think. No higher-ranking ropes or sergeants).

Anyhow, I finally resign myself to getting in trouble for failure to be in class (very punishable offense in military training), and I wake up in bed. While I’m on leave. A week after I graduated from tech school.

At least it’s not as bad as the nightmare about having to get back to Monterey, only to find that all of the highway signs in California are printed in Chinese.

So yeah, I wake up, and text a friend to tell her about my crazy nightmare. She replies with a message saying that she had forgotten to set her alarm clock, and my text message woke her up just in time for her to avoid being late for class XD