Fortune-cookie fortunes and other places for typos

On the fortune in a fortune cookie I got yesterday, the “aphorism” reads:

“Behind an able man. There are always.”

That’s it. No explanation of what there are always. Nothing.

I also saw a sign in front of a bowling alley reading “PUBIC BOWLING.”

Post a sign–or a printed form–or a fortune-cookie fortune with a funny typo. :smiley:

Used to see a street sign that said:


It was an area I traveled pretty regularly; can’t remember how long it was there but it did eventually get replaced.

Hlep! I’m trapepd insied a Chinees bakkery.

(obviously not real I hope)

Years ago, outside a bowling alley, was a sign that declared “Tuesdays is College night”.

(Just don’t expect to find ant English majors in there.)

In Belleville, Ontario, I saw signs saying “Whole chiken” and “Freash meat.”

I live in Montreal, which is a predominantly French area, so you see typos/mistakes in English signs sometimes. There was a sign in a store that said “Sanitary dapkins.”

French signs are also not immune to mistakes. I saw a hand-lettered sign saying “Fraise du Quebec”, which means someone was selling a single strawberry.

I also see “every day” misspelled as “everyday” on signs all the dang time.

Now they would be hard put to push a bowling ball down an alley, whatever their major, eh wot? :smiley: I didn’t know ants went to college… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now they would be hard put to push the ball down the alley, eh wot? Not too many ants* go *to college! :p:D

For years, a local business ignored the fact that the initial letters had fallen off the building’s sign so Boat & Motor was oat & otor for a loooong time.

Grocery stores are a treasure trove of misspelled signs. I’ve seen pork lion on sale for 2.99 a pound!

Pork lion? I know the Bible says the lion shall lie down with the lamb, but this is ridiculous!! :smiley: