Forty-three below (with wind chill). I'm staying home.

I was set to go to Toontown, a 3 hour drive away. Woke up to those terminally cheery weather people: “well, it’s 35 below today, and with wind chill it’s down to 45 below. Some parts of the province it’s down to 50 below. Bundle up, everyone.”

Grumbled my way out to the car, loaded it up, and got ready to go. Fortunately, it was smarter than I am. (“What! He wants to go somewhere today? He’s crazy - didn’t he listen to the weather? Not this little automobile.”) Repeated clicks, as it resolutely refused to turn over, followed by one frustrated cough, then silence.

So, since I’d booked the time off anyway, I’m following the sensible example of the car and nesting inside, avoiding the cold. I’m not going out until it warms up to at least 35 below. :cool:

I think your car wanted to go to Tunetown.

It’s like that cold if not colder here in Brindleland: Western Michigan.

Where are you from? I don’t know yet, I’m a newbie! :smiley:


I sympathize. Why, it’s barely above freezing here! This is INHUMAN!


Hah!!!..I was a few blocks away from you, and not only did my car start without being plugged in, I drove all the way to Weyburn…(my last week there before I move to Regina…)…

I knew it! Saskatchewan! [sub]Southern Canada…[/sub]

Wow. It’s practically water-skiing weather here; it’s only going to get down to -15F. Saaayyy… you’re probably using them Centrigrical things, aren’t you, so -45 is actually… well, let’s see… carry the two… oh.

That’s really cold.

I know what you mean, Northern Piper. When I came home today, I had to pull my sleeves down! Yes, the temeratures had dropped to almost 65 degrees! The inhumanity …

runs quickly