Baby, it's cold outside.

My cellphone says the current temperature outside is -23 F. I am used to extreme cold here in the Adirondacks, but this is a bit excessive. The forecast for tonight is -30 F. Holy shit!

Monday’s forecast is for a high of 50 F and a low of -10 F. All in the same day! :eek:

How cold is it where you are?

-13 F here in Illinois seems there a national cold snap every winter.

Except for a few years spent in Boston, I have lived here all my life. This was the very first morning that my car wouldn’t start. Time for a new battery.

10 F here, although with the wind chill, it’s more like zero. It’s supposed to be even colder all week.

Christmas Day, 1981. Everyone except me went home for the winter break, or wherever they go, and I was left alone at the Dolphin Lab in Honolulu to feed the dolphins. I was out there in a pouring rainstorm wearing nothing but swimming trunks and sandals. It was comfortably cool, almost balmy.

It’s -2 deg F here in Connecticut. This extreme cold reminds me of winters in the Chicago area.

I can’t believe my 2004 Toyota 4Runner with its original (Panasonic) battery is still starting in this weather. In a few weeks I’ll have owned the vehicle for 10 years.

It was 70 deg F here in Fort Worth today. I took the dog for a walk wearing t-shirt and shorts (me, not the dog). It’s supposed to drop down into the 20s tonight and then we’ll have lows in the teens for the next few nights, with highs in the 30s and 40s.

I can’t remember ever having the temperature in the teens here as often as we’ve had already this season.

13 degrees here in St. Paul, with an expected low of -24 tomorrow night; we’re not going to see double-digit positive temperatures until Wednesday.

It actually went up to -9C (about 17F) today after staying below -20 (-5F) for several days. 100 miles north of the Adirondacks.

Our older daughter is flying from Michigan to Minneapolis on Tuesday. Her dad keeps reading me the forecasts, like there’s something I can do or say that will make her be safer/warmer. Sure, she’s a full-grown woman, and sure, she lived in Michigan for four winters, but what if she forgets to wear a hat??

Did you know that exposed skin can freeze in five minutes at the temperatures you’ll be having on Monday? I do now, thanks to Mr. Legend. Keep those hats and gloves and scarves on!

(The wind has picked way up here and our high tomorrow will be 20 degrees lower than it was today, but we aren’t allowed to think it’s cold now that we have a child in the Frozen North.)

The high temperature here on Monday is predicted at -10F. I’ve never experienced such cold in my life, and I’ve lived at this approximate latitude and longitude for all of my 33 years. Usually a winter has one or two nights that dip a toe below 0F and that’s it.

Who’s holding him down & who’s stuffing snow in his shorts?
We had 1° this morning.

12 F right now in NJ. I just sent my eleven year old upstairs to sleep under three layers and a down comforter. We went sledding for about twenty minutes at a local park before deciding it was really too cold to be outside any longer.

It’s 75F here right now. At 11pm. Last night was cooler - I was at the Orange Bowl game, and actually wore a wind breaker.

There is a cold front coming through, and we might drop into the mid forties Monday night.
That will be the first real cold snap of the season for us - it’s been a warm winter, even for South Florida.

Environment Canada has issued an extreme wind chill alert for all of southern Saskatchewan. Tomorrow morning, it’s predicted to be the equivalent of -45 to -50 C. :eek:

It’s a one-dog night at the moment. For him it’s a one-human night.

I’ve been watching the weather in N America with some interest as it tends to have a knock-on effect over here in Britain. All that cold air, when it hits the warm Atlantic, fires up the jet stream and has been sending storm after storm over here. It’s been a mild winter so far and it just hasn’t stopped raining.

Stay warm, people, and send some cold dry weather this way soon.

Ha ha ha. That’s cute.

Now that I’ve got it spelled out for me on, let me tell you… in the next 24 hours, the temperature here will drop 50 degrees. And it’s already cold enough to be snowing.

Tomorrow morning: in which we wake up on Hoth. I told my toddler that the cat is her tauntaun.

Tomorrow the low will be 61 degrees. Which is cold here (Yucatan). I will be sleeping in my sweat pants, shirt. Right now I am waiting for the water pipes (on the roof) to be warmed by the sun. Then I will have 15 seconds of warm water to shower. No water heater here.

Actually I prefer the cold. Just wear more clothes. When it is hot, you can take only take off so much clothes.