Forum Display Date/Time Stamp problem

Last night, just as I was heading off to bed, I posted one last response to the Does the Church require Catholics to oppose the 1st Amendment? thread. It was just after 2:30 AM,my time (EDT).

When I brought up the Great Debates Forum, this afternoon, I was surprised to see the last date/time stamp set at 12:02 AM, (CDT).

Afraid that I would have to re-create whatever post I had cobbled together in the middle of the night, I opened the thread and scrolled to the bottom, where I found my post, stamped 01:39 AM. At first I figured that my browser simply had a cached version of the Forum Display page, but then I noticed that it had new posts, as well.

I’ve gone in and out of the GD Forum page a few times, today, and the date/time stamp on that thread does not change.

It is hardly the end of the world, of course, but I am wondering why the Forum Display is not picking up the actual last post. Is there anything I might have done to cause it? (E.G., logging off without waiting for a confirmation that I had posted after 10 minutes, or so?) Or is this simply one more issue with the gerbils?

I have seen this happen before, but this is the first time I actually watched it happen to one of my posts when I knew that I was not imagining it.

I’m not clear on what problem you’re experiencing. Is it that the forum page not registering your post? If so, check here. It happens.

Is it just that the timestamp seems incongruent? Were you logged in when it seemed to have changed? I forget the specifics, but the default time zone is different when you’re logged and when you’re not. If something else is wrong, I dunno what the deal might be with that.

tomndebb, if I understand your post correctly, you are saying:[list=A][li]I made a post to a GD thread.[/li][li]My post is shown when I bring up the GD thread.[/li][li]However, the “Last Post” field in the forum thread display for GD does not show my post - it shows the previous post in the thread.[/list=A][/li]If this is indeed your question, then I think the answer lies in this post in the FAQ - technical issues.

Yeah. That was what I meant. When I read over the FAQ, I didn’t associate that exact phenomenon with what was posted in the FAQ.

Basically, gremlins.

I can live with that. I was just curious if any action of mine caused it–not that I can change much: I can hit submit or I can refrain.