Found a good nick-name for a lover; too bad I'm a loser

There is a subdivision in our township called “Sugarbush.” Honestly, how did they come up with that name?

Man: We’ve closed on the property, and we’ve hired an engineer to plat it. Now to find the investors to back the spec houses and we’ll have our very own neighborhood.

Woman: pouting Will you name it after me, Sweetie?

Man: I’ll name it anything you want, Sugarbush.
Sugarbush. Might not want to use it when you have company over. Still, I love it.

Bummer I won’t get to use it.
(Bonus: It’s a lot better than Stockfisch. Though, perhaps, not quite as accurate, either…)

Oh, yeah, Sugarbush. I’ll remember that. Keep an eye out, though, for her worthless brother, Sugarloaf. He’s a fetishist, and some women wryly call him Sugarfoot.

Assuming by “Honestly” you meant “honestly” - a sugarbush is an area of maple trees which yield the sap to make maple syrup. There’s a ski resort in Vermont by that name.

As a nickname though…I don’t think I would use it in public! :slight_smile:

My last girlfriend had strong objections when I called her “sweetness.” Didn’t like the sound of it, she said. Joking, I asked her “How about ‘fuck-monkey?’”

Thereafter, she whipped that one out in public at any opportunity-- “Either ‘He calls me his fuck-monkey’”, or she’d casually refer to me as “the fuck-monkey.”

I don’t mean with comfortable mutual friends that we’d come up from school with, either. I’m talking about during introductions to the next-door-neighbors that she barely knew. Then she’d laugh like a wendigo when everyone blanched and I did my best to become invisible.

Good times.

Gosh, Larry, and you say you’re not together any more? What, pray tell, went wrong? :smiley:

When I saw that you live in MI, I realized that I know exactly the place you’re talking about. It used to be a horse farm called Sugarbush and I used to take horseback riding lessons there. I noticed when I went past that way a while ago that they had gotten rid of the stables yet kept the name Sugarbush for the housing development. Small world.

Copied from an IM coversation I had with the wife a moment ago:

Her: ok…I’m gonna go next door for a cup for tea.
Me: Okiee doke, Sugarbush, you have fun. Love you!
Her: Love you too! :wink:

Results of the experiment: No reaction.

Of course, I’m constantly calling her a different ultra-cutsie nickname, anything from honeydoodle to boo-boo-kitty-fuck, so she might not be the best test subject. :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping for an improvement in your situation, js.

I am going to try this one!!! I’ve had little luck with “StinkWeed” so maybe “SugarBush” will be better received by the ladies.

I’ve been using it on my (male) SO all evening…he hasn’t disputed it yet, but he did call me Saltlick in response.

Um…wouldn’t her lazy brother be loafpole? (So lazy that he married a woman with two kids…)

lavenderviolet, small world, indeed.

WaryEri, I think your SO may need a little therapy. Unless he’s a whitetail…and I don’t even want to know about that.

Thanks, Hal. I’d like to get a Sugarbush of my own sometime soon…