Found interesting beer stein on ebay - any ideas what it is

sorry, just realized google sent me to the wrong place for this question - I even signed up for an account to ask this - sorry for waisting your time and mine

Someone is trying to say German Cat in Spanish, but their Spanish ain’t too good!

No apology needed. We’re actually pretty good at this sort of thing.

Yeah, this is a thing we do. It’s a stein in the shape of a cat, holding a “Section 11” sign - section 11 is apparently a traditional mock-reference to the German beer law, or maybe student regulations, and allegedly says “es wird weitergesoffen,” i.e., “let’s keep drinking.”

Here’s a site where they talk about it.

German Wikipedia has an article Paragraph 11 – Wikipedia on the “§11” reference. Apparently it refers to a rule in formal drinking sessions of old-style student clubs, expressed as “Es wird weitergesoffen”, meaning that the formal drinking session may not be moved to another locale (where the serious business of drinking will not be pursued as efficiently, participients in a less formal venue being able to surreptitiously skip turns or even bow out).

BTW the German Wikipedia article says the order to the German fleet at Scapa Flow on 21 June 1919 to scuttle their ships said “Paragraph 11”. This was a pun on the verbs Saufen (informal: to drink excessively) and Absaufen (informal: to sink).