Four Levels of Human Conciousness?

I remember reading somewhere about something like this. It was four levels of human conciousness, or something to that effect.

They went something like:

  1. Fear for one’s life
  2. Fear for one’s social position
  3. (something I forget)
  4. Logic/reason

Does anyone know where this might have come from, what’s it called, and what it is?
I just remember something like this used in a political argument over why Republicans seem to have the advantage.

I think that Maslowe’s hierarchy has five levels, but perhaps his name could be a useful tool for finding the one you’re looking for.

Is it possible that you’re looking for Kohlberg’s moral stages? More levels than you’re looking at, but that’s what I was reminded of.

I don’t think Maslow or Kolhberg fit the bill here.

Ironically I first learned about the levels from here:
which talks about Level 3 extensively:

I don’t know if this will complete your question, but at least it has level 3 for you.

I first thought of Maslow, also. Tim Leary had a similar hierarchy he wrote about which somewhat corresponds to Maslow but he has expounded upon it.
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