Fox News and Milum

Soup_du_jour, there’s just no way your quote is going to get through to Milum. Oddly enough, because it’s too black-and-white. You would have more chance posting Milum style:

Milum never ceases to amaze me.

He’s probably feeling all warm and fuzzy at the moment, watching all us libruls scurry around every time he plops another of his pearls of wisdom on us. Let’s talk about something else.

So – how 'bout them Yankees, huh?



Desmostylus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because the black helicopters and one-world-government evvvvvvviiiiiiillllll Liberals are conspiring against him. They have secretly routed his posts through a special server which makes his posts sound like they were provided by a dim-witted fruitcake with an adversion to logic.

Still, regardless of his continued idiocy, I am sure he will try to portray himself as a victim as soon as he can.

And there was me thinking that the problem was us limp-wristed Europeans. Article: I present these beauties for your delight, all from the same thread:

I’d like to say we’ve found our new december, but this one’s got neither the wit nor the manners of our late friend. And of course there’s the whole use-of-colour thing, that often seems to precede meltown.

Milum’s not a december. bdecember** revealed more evidence of firing syanpses than Milum.

Milum is more of a mere regurgitator. He’s thoroughly Coulterized.

He must be a real geezer if he thinks I’m a “young buck”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Priceguy’s solution is the best. I had no idea what this putz was like and tried to encourage him to partake in honest debate. My mistake, and it won’t happen again. I’ll be content in the future to sit back and be warmed by the flames.

I was thinkin’ about mentioning the color thing in the OP. What the hell is that? I was looking through Milum’s GD post history and it’s like a fucking box of crayons.

I know.

Milum, buddy ol’ pal:


Milum, okay, I admit it. I hate Faux News because I’m a liberal, and anything and anyone to the right of Noam Chompsky is evil.


gets down on my knees and thanks G-O-D for the C-B-C

I wonder what Milum makes of last month’s Program on International Policy Attitudes study (.pdf link) that touched on the correlation between respondants’ primary news source and their tendency to believe things which are manifestly untrue.

Amongst the findings:[ul][li]67% of faithful Fox News viewers believe that evidence has been found linking Hussein’s regime to al Qaeda.[/li](This belief is held amongst more Fox News viewers than people who get their news from any other single source, or from a variety of sources.)[li]33% of faithful Fox News viewers somehow believe that Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found in Iraq.[/li](This belief is held amongst more Fox News viewers than people who get their news from any other single source, or from a variety of sources.)[li]35% of faithful Fox News viewers believe that world opinion was mostly in favour of the US going to war against Iraq.[/li](This belief is held amongst more Fox News viewers than people who get their news from any other single source, of from a variety of sources.)[/ul]Interestingly, Fox News-watching respondants distinguished themselves from people who get their news elsewhere in a more general sense, too. Fox News viewers alone demonstrated a grasp of reality that was inversely-proportionate to their exposure to news. The less they claimed to be paying attention, the less likely they were to be mistaken. Interesting, that.

(On preview, sorry soup-du-jour – I missed your post somehow. I’ll let mine stand since it links to the study and I don’t think that the last point was referenced in your linked article, though I admit that I didn’t register to read it.)

matt_mcl, amen!

(And The Globe & Mail, and Google News Search!)

Another happy nod to Google News Search. Citer’s paradise. :slight_smile:

matt: Of course, the Ceeb is still biased. More subtly, and not to the point of obscuring whole classes of facts, but biased.

There’s also the BBC’s famous anti-Israel bias. Sorry, that should read “pro-Israel, anti-Islamic” bias. No, wait a moment

And of course, don’t mention the war

“You started it.”
“We did not.”
“Yes, you did, you invaded Poland!”

Iraq invaded Poland? Man, I have got to start watching Fox News…