The object of this thread is to combine two animated cartoons and mangle the results;

I give you, the new breakout hit;

Phineas and The Brain!

Brain; Phineas, are you pondering what I’m pondering?
Phineas; yes, yes I am, hey, where’s Pinky… Brain, I know what we’re going to do today…
Brain; The same thing we do every day, Phineas, try to take over the TRI-STATE AREA!
Phineas; Naah, we already got a guy that does that…

<smash cut to Agent P’s OWCA lair, his chair is turned so the back is facing the monitor screen>
Major Monobrow…err Monogram; good morning Agent P… wait, you’re not Agent P…
Chair swivels to reveal Pinky, wearing a Fedora
Pinky; Narf!

Okay, next mangled combo… (or run with this one, I don’t care, I got a monster truck…)