Frampton Comes Alive

Im sure everyone has heard the Frampton songs on the radio.

But has anyone heard the studio versions of these live songs?

I haven’t.

I remember hearing “Do you feel like I we do”, studio version, a very, very long time ago, and was surprised that it was a relatively short and not very embellished song, completely the opposite of the live one. It’s difficult to remember; hell, I think I last heard the live version something like 20 years ago.

Big fan of Peter Frampton, so yes, I have heard the studio versions.

I was at the Winterland show, by the way…:cool:

Why do people say things like this? To the best of my knowledge, I have never heard ***any ***Frampton song on the radio.

Studio versions? Hell, I saw Frampton when he was on that tour. Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois wasn’t a big enough venue to include on the disk.

The Grateful Dead had several songs that were only released on live albums, never as studio versions…

Because the 3 hits from it are pretty ubiquitous. The album was released in 1976 and was the best selling live album ever until 1998.

You don’t listen to classic rock stations, huh? They play Do You Feel Like I Do as much as Freebird.

The two songs on Side 4 – “Lines on My Face” and “Do You Feel Like We Do” – originally appeared on the studio album “Frampton’s Camel”, which is an old favorite of mine. It’s sort of a concept album, about his breakup with his wife, and has a lot of killer songs. (I’m not that crazy about most of his other stuff.)

By the way, I could have sworn that the song was originally called “Do You Feel Like I Do” and retitled (from “I” to “We”) only for the live version. But various sources on the Web indicate that the original title did use “We”. I’ll have to dig out my old copy and see.

I think it was always “We”.

Peter is still quite active. He puts on a fun show, complete with self-deprecating remarks about the success of *Comes Alive *and his lack of hair. He really is a great guitarist. “Fingerprints”, released in 2006 featured collaborations with a bunch of notable six-stringers, including original members of The Shadows, Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett.

This album will always hold a special place in my heart, but no…I never heard the studio versions. Dang…“big” doesn’t even begin to describe the reception this album got.

When he dies, some smart alec is going to write the headline: Frampton Goes Dead.

He’s a great guitarist, IMHO.

Then apparently you’re not really someone. :wink:

I caught one of his concerts on HDNet the other evening, and he still sounds and plays great!

Here’s an entertaining article about this album: Thoughts, etc.: Peter Frampton in Three Acts

I’ve heard a few but really only think of the live versions.

Same with **I Want You to Want me by Cheap Trick **- have you heard the studio version? Oy - it’s crap - just finger-snappy fluffy pop crap (youtube link). The live version enabled Rick Nielsen to cut loose with some guitar and give the song some power-pop muscle.

but yeah - Frampton is a great player and the live versions bring that out more than some of his studio versions…

That would make a nice thread: Guitarists whose studio work belies their ability to rock out, which is starkly apparent in live performances.

Rick Nielsen, Lindsey Buckingham, and Craig Chaquico (Jefferson Starship) would be the poster children.