France looking for "big role" in rebuilding Iraq

There is a big suprise. Why would the US and Britain even let the “gravy” of the war go through the UN?

Because we’re there to “liberate the Iraqi people” not for the swag and booty … remember?

This is merely the tip of the ‘Fuck You, France’ iceberg. Since the French did nothing to help liberate Iraq, why should they have any role in its administration and rebuilding afterwards?

I would be very, very nervous of NOT having the UN involved significantly in rebuilding Iraq. The French, though? They can lick my balls. No special administration for them.

They ain’t gonna get shit.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Fuck the French. I’m an American, i’m supposed to hate them. What was I thinking? A large order of Freedom Fries and Liberty Toast please.
What the hell are we doing over there? Saving the Iraqi people (the “noble cause” I have thrown at me left and right) or getting more shit for ourselves? If you want me on the pro-war side of the argument, lets not set ourselves up as 21 century pirates out to pillage Iraq and fuck the French.

You exclude the possibility that we are out to help Iraq and fuck the French.

All of the fallout that France is to experience can be squarely placed on Chirac’s shoulders. Don’t try to blame this on America somehow.


Blame what on America?

I was against invasion in the first place, but if we are in there to liberate the country, than why should we hold a grudge against an ally who disagreed with us?

Again I ask, what is the purpose of our presence there? Liberation or swag?

We said, “we want to liberate the Iraqi’s.” They said, “we don’t want you to do it that way.” We said, “well, we know what’s best so we’re doing it that way anyway.”

So if we are successful in liberating the the Iraqi people, should we be as noble as we claim to be and say, “we told you we were right, now come on over an lend a hand, buddy,” or should we be thugs we appear to be and say, “neener … told you so, now fuck off, Frenchie!”

I know where I would rather stand.

Or should we just finish the job and occupy Paris while we’re over there kicking ass anyway?

Band name!!!

[sub]Ducking and running![/sub]

(thanks for sort of retro-actively fixing my typo)

The neo-Vichy regime in Paris is punishment enough for the French. All the same, I see no reason why the French should reap any benifit from an action that they so obviously oppossed. Fuck 'em.

The Frogs were totally opposed to running any risks, or spending any money, on the liberation of Iraq. And now they want their share of the profits from the newly-opened market in Iraq. To them I give a hearty EAT ME.



Great argument.

Dip shit.

  1. You would be better served directing your ire at Chirac instead of the French. They should do the same towards Bush.

  2. You would be better served not calling them frogs.

  3. I would have slightly agreed with the spirit of your post, but not with the inflammatory remarks.

I still don’t understand why the French are supposed to be frogs.

France won’t get anything out of this. I expect the UN to be 100% circumvented, or at least have a very, VERY minimal effect on the “rebuilding of Iraq”. To go a touch further, I really think this is the end of the UN, at least with the US being involved with them.

But I’m no political expert, it’s just something Is ee going on and a conclusion I’ve drawn from it.


War is not supposed to be a fucking investment, especially for a government that has sworn up and down that it’s all about liberating the Iraqis/stopping terrorism/forcing Saddam to comply with the UN/whatever damn rationalization they’re claiming it has today. To treat the reconstruction of Iraq like the proceeds of some sort of grotesque piñata, to which only the people who smashed it are entitled, is absolutely disgusting.

You mean post-war Iraq will not have French cheese and wines? Oh, those poor Iraqis - having to drink Chilean, Californian, Australian, South African wines. The new Iraqi government may only drive Hummers, Land Rovers, Ford F-150s through the deserts; no Pugeots or Citroens. They will also have do without “French dubs” whatever those may be.

War may not be, but rebuilding certainly is. Iraq is not going to be able to recover from this war, whatever the motives for it were, without massive rebuilding. The Iraqis need that as much as they needed freedom from Saddam. Somebody is going to get those contracts, who do you propose? The Russians? They’re selling weapons to SH as we speak. The French, the Germans? They opposed the whole thing, why should they reap the benefits? The Brits and Yanks? Damn straight. Our companies get the work and the Iraqis get a rebuilt country. It can be ( might not be, but it’s too early to tell ) win/win for both sides.