Frances Farmer

Can anyone tell me who in the world Frances Farmer is/was?

I was recently listening to some old Nirvana CD’s and noticed that there was quite a few references made to someone (or something) named Frances Farmer. The group even has a song titled ‘Frances Farmer will have (his/her?) revenge on Seattle’.


Anyone know?

Here is some basic info.

Just googling on “Frances Farmer” gives lots of info.

Here is one of the first hits.

Check out this excellent movie starring Jessica lange.

There was also a TV movie starring Susan Blakely, of which I have a copy. Having seen both, I must say that–surprise, surprise–the theatrical release was much better.

Kurt and Courtney admired her because of how people hated and did bad things to her. She was an actress that basically got put in mental institutions because she didn’t adhere to the moral standards of the day (1930’s).

For their wedding in Hawaii, Kurt wore his pajamas and Courtney wore a dress that belonged to Frances Farmer. Kurt and Courtney also named their baby daughter Frances, but they have claimed she was named after the singer of the Vaselines.