FRANCH - The new salad dressing!

They should make a new salad dressing. You mix french with ranch and you get Franch. What other food creations should they make?

Actually Lan Meyers mother served Franch dresing in Better off dead. She also served franch fries, and Peru.

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A low-calorie salad dressing, call it 500 Islands.

At least Russian dressing wasn’t changed to USSR dressing during the Cold War. (And was it un-American to admit to using or liking Russian dressing during the McCarthy Era?)

We love the Russian people, it’s their filthy Commie leaders who want to blow us all into nuclear oblivion we hate.

She served Peru? What is Peru, as a food?

I’m not going to lie.

I clicked on this thread based solely on the OPs username.

Really, one of the best I’ve seen.

Together we will fight the oppression of Bob Saget.


If you drizzled first press olive oil over a large fresh water fish, you’d have extra-virgin sturgeon.

If you ate too much of that red stuff on your french fries and it returned to light of day, it’d be retchup.

If you like bratwursts rather than franks in a bun, shouldn’t they be called “bratdogs”?

And it still wouldn’t be kosher if instead of clams, you substituted canned meat product in your soup and called it spam chowder. If you mixed it with pasta would it be spam-ghetti?

I adore French cheese, but even I wouldn’t combine it with beans and rice and roll it up in a tortilla, creating a brrrrie-to.

And finally, the breakfast of champions – toaster pop-up waffles macerated in big barrels of beer – “kegg-os.”

A nod to George Carlin, eh? :smiley:

I’d like to see my favorite snack as a kid put onto the market. Peanut butter and Miracle Whip in the same jar. Makes things so much easier. :slight_smile:

::runs to the bathroom::

…errr, thanks robgruver…maybe you could add me to your sig: “robgruver makes me hurl


And to think I said you weren’t yucky. ::shakes head::

I’m told that sauerkraut was called “victory cabbage” during the great war.

Lol, I saw Better Off Dead on comedy central a while back and forgot how funny it was. It reminded me of when an uncle’s family hosted a Parisian exchange student for the summer. I felt bad for the kid spending a month with my hillbilly relatives. I went on an outing with them and found he was a pretty interesting and intelligent kid. We discussed who we thought was going to win the tour that year, Bernard Hinault or Greg Lemond. When we stopped for dinner they ordered for him and made me cringe when they said “do you want FRENCH FRIES?” I felt like such an ugly American.

Should those be eaten frozen? Personally,I would never put rice in a brrrrie-to. Rice is for wraps. Robgruver, you forgot the baloney-- you can’t have peanut butter and Miracle Whip without baloney. (“pugluvr” and “robgruver”-mere “coincidence”?)