Francophones: Pronounce "Concierge", please.

At one of my client jobs, they have a Concierge. The CEO and the Concierge pronounce the word “CON-SYER”. (short e, as in ‘bed’ and ‘ted’; you get the idea.) It irritates the effin F out of me. I think that this is some prime stupidity or misguided pretension. Of course, the French are almost as bad as a Worcestershireman Brit, so, I am not sure, but, I have only heard it pronounced with the ‘g’ being pronounced ‘zh’.
So, Francophones, is it pronounced as CON-SYERZH, or CONSYER?



ETA: After some thought, “CON-SYER” seems more applicable.

I would never have thought of not pronouncing the G as ZH, and it seems to me that the French pronunciation rules would require it, since it’s followed by an E. So I agree with CON-SYERZH (with the N representing a nasal sound, rather than being pronounced as an N in English would).

You’re right; they’re wrong, IMO. You pronounce the g in French - or at least, every time I’ve ever heard it said, it’s been CON-SYERZH, and I lived in several buildings in Paris that had one… Depending on your accent, I guess the ZH could be quite short, but I can’t imagine it not being pronounced at all.

Thanks, guys!