"Frank Costanza" Shilling For CapitalOne Bank

The longevity of the “Seinfeld” show astounds me-it has been off the air for, what-15 years?
That said, the bank obviously saw value in the character.
I heard that the black lawyer (parody of Johnny Cochran) was coming back as well-I haven’t seen him yet.
Will they bring back the “Soup Nazi”?:smiley:

That’s the same character Jerry Stiller has always played - himself.

Yeah, I wasn’t a big Seinfeld fan, and I see those CapitalOne ads as starring Jerry Stiller, not Frank Costanza. He did have 9 years on The King of Queens after Seinfeld, not to mention the 30 other roles he’s done since 1998.

I never understood the point of the Vikings shilling for Capital One either…

I sort of like King of Queens, and Frank Costanza being on there definitely adds to the show. He’s sort of a cross between Frank and Kramer.

Well, once upon a time, Capital One ads featured the Vikings (or Visigoths) as an illustration of the way other credit card companies would pillage your finances if you used a high-interest-rate credit card:

The Visigoths became identifiable with Capital One, but eventually, they changed the message, and wound up using the Visigoths in fish-out-of-water ads illustrating them using Capital One cards while shopping and traveling.