Frank Frazetta Museum robbed by Frazetta's Son

Pretty sad.

I hope he didn’t get away with the Queen Etheria costume.

I’m kinda amused that Frank Frazetta’s lawyer is named Geiger.

He specializes in countersuits.

I hope Wolfmoon is okay.

I thought Giger handled alien stowaways and personal injuries.

Here at the law offices of Giger, Giger, and Facehugger…

Wasn’t there a Doper who actually got invited into Frazetta’s house while he and his friends were visiting the museum, and got to sit down and watch a football game, drink beer and talk with Frank? Or was that another fantasy/science fiction artist entirely?

That was Stephe96 in my Lio thread from a few months ago. Great story.

Definitely a great story!

You gotta like his defense though. Claiming that Dad told him to use “any means necessary” to enter the museum to move items to storage as an excuse for knocking in a wall with a backhoe takes some balls…

and lacks some brains.

I must say the orange jumpsuit looks nice on him.

Mark Evanier, on his website, speculated that the son wanted to possess substantial assets of his father’s artwork to put himself in a better position in the event of his father’s death. Kind of silly to do that while Dad is still alive and kicking.

aahh, but the break-in was only Step-1. A back-hoe is a useful tool for digging holes.

Ya know, if you want to plunder treasure from an aging patriarch, you should really go Old School.

Tunnel into the basement from a vast stone sewer. Throttle the half-human guardian with his mace chain, then “accidentally” trip the alarm to heighten dramatic tension. Leave your cowed henchmen to carry the booty through the sewer while you confront the authorities in the atrium. Bisect them with your broadsword (that could scarce be lifted by an ordinary man), steal a horse and ride to a rendezvous with a lusty ebony wench.

Backhoe, feh!