"The Scream" stolen!

Breaking news from BBC is that Munch’s “The Scream” has been stolen from a Norwegian museum, in full view of visitors.


Link please?



[url=“http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/030200-114854700.html”]linky link[\url]

This is stupid. You can’t sell these works on the black market, what the hell do they think they’re going to achieve?

D’oh! Stupid commas in the code.

Obviously they were hired by somebody.



I think so. “Give us 80 billion or we’ll destroy it.” Only logical reason I can think of for stealing something like this.

I can just imagine them all sat round looking at the painting:

-So, what the hell are we gonna do with this?

-I don’t know, it was your idea to steal it, I wanted to stick to banks, but oh no, you had to prove it could be done.
Seriously I would expect/hope that it will turn up in a few days once they realise that there is absolutely nothing they can do with it to profit. I suppose they could always be planning to hold it to ransom?

Maybe they just really really like it. Perhaps they just got a new apartment and are trying to liven up the dull old place. :eek:

(I don’t really think that’s what happened. I’m just looking for as many excuses to use the “eek” smilie in this Thread as I possibly can.)

That’s just what my dad says, but again, once you’ve hired someone to steal it what are you gonna do? Invite the neighbours round to see it? Sit in your evil lair and laugh manaically at your plan to dominate the global museum security market once you have discredited all the competition by stealing paintings from under their noses and storing them in your secret nuclear bunker near Chipping Ongar, whilst posting on an internet messageboard about how stupid the thieves obviously were to throw people off your scent? Mwahahahaaa!
Damn, maybe I gave too much away :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously the museum guards spend too much time watching the Olympics.

I’d put it on the wall at the end of my bed and go to sleep each night knowing that at least someone, somewhere, sometime understood. :eek: :slight_smile:

Sorry, GuanoLad, I tried to fix your link, but there was more wrong with it than just erratic commas.

Meanwhile, private collectors with no scruples might pay the thieves a great deal of money, and then they keep it in their private collection where no one else sees it.


“Hooray! We finally won a medal! Olaf Tufte! Olaf Tufte! Hey, does something look different to you?” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s totally ripped off from the “Home Alone” movie poster anyway.

Good grief. What will Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox do now?

:smiley: At first when I saw the headline on CNN, my brain told me that someone had stolen a print of the movie or something, so I ignored it. But then I realized that that was a really silly conclusion, and it dawned on me that it must have been the painting.

Amazing. Hopefully they get it back.