Frank Miller's latest Batman - Wow... just wow!

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All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder

Hehe, saw that, at least he didn’t go all Batwoman.

You mean Frank “W… wh…who…” Miller?

This book’s the hottest thing on the stands. Not everyone buying it could be enjoying it ironically. At least some of them have to be enjoying the book on its own merits and not laughing at it. We’ve got a sizeable comic book fan contingent here, somebody fess up.

I won’t laugh at you.
I just won’t take your opinions seriously ever again.

Hotter than All-Star Superman? :dubious:

Great review. Hilarious. I was wondering if it was just me that thought this latest Batman title was , to put it kindly, poorly written. (Hey, if Frank Miller never writes another story again, he’ll be considered one of the greats. Even the best can swing and miss occasionally).

I was going to drop this title, but this review makes me want to see what happens next. Plus, there’s always the Jim Lee art.

If, however, he does, at least in any property other than Sin City, the chances of his being considered a great are going to go to zero.

Unfortunately for Frank, Holy Terror, Batman is still in the offing.

(And it says a lot about my expectations for Miller than the fact that HTB lookw like it’s going to reek to high heaven doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the fact that there’s already a Batman story called Holy Terror - the first official Elseworlds title.)

I don’t even read comic books, but that review was hilarious. Does anyone know how many times Dick Grayson’s age was specified?

The Dark Night Returns was awesome, he’ll definitely be remembered for that.

I haven’t read the books, but the review does say that the premise was to try and use 50’s style story telling. It seems a bit like what happened was that the dialogue become “Dick Grayson, 12 years old” due to that, but then that combined with Frank “W…Wh…Who” Miller, ended up as freak fest.

Not that that really solves anything beyond knowing for the future not to put a guy who writes modern dark and gritty tales to try and write in a style that encouraged plot holes out the butt and innuendo every two seconds.

The art looks pretty amazing though.

I agree about the art. Too bad about the story. The whole making Robin eat rats thing is especially stupid. Maybe it could work well as part of a darker Batman story, but here it just makes him look like an idiot. Didn’t he know that Alfred would try and interfere?

For comics that are supposed to capture the feel of 50’s comics, I think they should get Kurt Busiek to write.

In the latest issue, Batman surpassed LOEG’s Edward Hyde for the “Most Inappropriate Copped Cheap Feel” award. Ew!

Speaking as a red blooded man, I support this book based on its initial depiction of Vicky Vale. :smiley:

I first became aware of this series through a link to this page. From now on, I will always think of Frank Miller as a 15-year-old boy, just discovering that girls don’t automatically act out his fantasies for him.

Oog. That script is pretty scary sounding. Certainly I can see throwing in some gratuitous stuff for the audience, but “She has a great ass. The kind of ass any man wants. Oh god give us her ass Jim…” (Not an actual quote, but I don’t feel like reading through to find what he actually wrote.) Rather disturbing to read something where you can tell the writer is using one hand to type…

Hang on, that was a real script? I assumed it was parody-otherwise…

Must go burn my copies of Batman Year One and DKR. They are…sullied, now. They have Miller-Spunk on them.

Gotta admit that’s one great review. I’m particularly fond of the captions to the panels:


That’s some quality funny there.

Is anyone with me that, like Dave Sim, Miller’s just gone completely nuts?

And it’s a shame, too. What Grant Morrison has done with All Star Superman has been really good.

My husband manages a comic shop and while he stocks to the book for those who want it, he encourages people NOT to buy it. It’s such dreck. Please, Miller, go rest on your laurels somewhere where there aren’t any writing instruments of any kind.

How well is it selling, by the way? This seems like the kind of thing Wizard would hype as the best comic ever, and one you’ll surely be able to stockpile and pay for your kid’s college education with.

The way I see it, there’s four possible explanations:

  1. As you said, the man’s gone nuts. What talent he once had has been consumed by creeping insanity that only favored earlier works.

  2. Like the films of Paul Verhoven, it’s intentionally written as a really shitty comic to point out the absurdities of the genre and characers. It’s satire.

  3. Springtime for Hitler. He wrote this to get DC off his back, with the goal of failing so spectacularly that he’d never be asked to go near Batman again… But people loved it.

  4. He just doesn’t care. It’s crap we wrote up in fifteen minute chunks between bits of Sin City 2, but a paycheck’s a paycheck!

All seem equally likely to me at this point.