The Dark Knight Returns

Anyone buying Miller’s new Dark Knight / Batman sequel?

I’m a bit uncertain. I loved the first books back in 1987, but think the new one might be a bit too much of a sell-out.

Still, Miller has done some good work recently, especially on 300 (the story of the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae - one of the best comics I’ve read).

I put my name on the waiting list at the comic book store I frequent. It’ll be out next week and I plan on having it in my grubby little hands the first day.

What makes you think it’ll be a sell-out? Because he said he’d never work for DC again? Have you heard anything about it? All I know about it is that it’s the sequel to The Dark Knight Returns, but haven’t heard any sort of reviews or plot lines.

I’m looking forward to it with a certain sort of dread. Somewhat because TDKR didn’t need a sequel and somewhat because the times he was dissecting were very fruitful times. I worry about the relevance of a story he could pull out of the nineties. I’m in the boat where if it can’t live up to the original, and I think it’s almost impossible, it should possibly be reconsidered.

Crunchy - there are previews at DC’s website - , including some pages of art. Carrie is now the new Catwoman, and sports a very lame costume.

The reason why I think it will be a sell-out is for the reason **Anal Scurvy ** said: it didn’t need a sequel.

I’d love to get this - unfortunately all my local comic book shops have gone belly-up. Guess I’ll have to wait for the trade paperback to come out, and order it through Barnes and Nobles.

I understand that some of the other heroes are starting to come back in this series including Green Lantern and The Question (I’m looking forward to this mostly due to the Question - always been one of my faves).

I might flip through it and if it looks really good I’ll get the first issue, but I’ve never been as big a Miller fan as others are, so I’ll probably stay away. (Maybe I’ll get the trade when it comes out.)


As one who would seriously consider citing Miller’s original DK series in the “books that changed my life” thread, I also feel deeply ambiguous about this sequel.

Loved the original, and think Miller’s a genius,

but the art on the website looks lame,

but didn’t the original look lame at first too?

but that catwoman costume, ugh!

But what will he do next?

Oh, what the hell. I’m gonna get the books. How could I stay away?

I dunno, I’ve got a bad feeling about the series, but I’ll give it a shot and see how Miller does with it. Hope he’s got a good storyline and isn’t just cashing in on the popularity of the first DK series.

Okay, I was feeling better about it before I checked out the link.

The batboys remind me of Darkhawk, which is never a good thing.

Plastic Man? I’ve yet to see a story where he has been a boon of any sort.

Silly ass computer effects? To Lynn Varley’s work? That’s not right. The absence of modern aesthetics has always been the appeal to her work. I hope she, at least, did them and they weren’t thrust upon her finished pages.

And the story better be more than the website makes it sound. The original story was a complex, sophisticated character struggle. This sounds like it’s plot driven, and driven by one of the most used plots of the twentieth century.

As a hardocre FM fan since his days in Daredevil, I consider Miller to be the man to beat with stories and pacing. His work stands out in humdrum of comics.

I am looking forward to Dark Knight Strikes Back, simply because I loved how he shelved everything known about the heroes and made them more human. Bruce a almost psychotic hero. Superman, a government stooge (yknow I always wondered why the gov did not try to influence him early…if there is anything that Superman may have a weakness too besides Kryptonite, its that he seems sorta too good for his own boots). From what I hear, Diana/Wonder Woman is a extreme Amazon. Martian Manhunter is a total burnout. The Question a paranoic…
Man cant wait. Though he better get back to Sin City after this, I miss Dwight and Marv.

Some of the art has promise. Some looks like crap. What’s the deal - Hawkman can’t afford food or clothing anymore? Hawkman should not be some pissed off scarecrow in a pair of bikini briefs. WonderWoman and the Green Lantern didn’t look any better - but the looks for Batman and Superman were ok, if inconsistent with the first series.

I’ll admit, the first series left itself wide open for a sequel, but I’m not sure if this is what it should be.

I’ll wait for the collection, so it can sit next to my TDKR collected paperback. :slight_smile:

That said, I’m interested to see what Miller does with the story. I hear he wants to do something upbeat and optimistic, which ought to be a neat trick after how gloomy TDKR was.

Likewise, I’ll wait and see how it all pans out.

I’m a fan of FM, as well. His recounting of the Dark Knight, not only paved new ground on batsy, but also echoed his constant vigil on American society. Often tossing stones at glass buildings - the media - the concept of being a hero - possible reactions from society…these are what FM hits on very well.

His work in 300 was a blast, and reminded me of how far he had outclassed himself from the rest of the comic industry, such as when he did “Ronin”…or when he stepped up to the plate with “Sin City”…keeping it black and white when the rest of the industry was exploding with computer coloring.

I’ll give the man more than an inch to get his mile. He usually has something to say, (I’ve been present at some of his keynote speeches - he is very outspoken), and I’m all for an artist/writer who has something to say, and not afraid to speak up about it.

Jet Black

Miller doing something upbeat? How odd.


I just got the first issue today and I enjoyed it.


Miller has a pretty good track record. Thinking his latest will be a sell out is a bit unfair to a person many consider one of comic’s greatest talents. What is the definition of sell out? If he wanted to cash in on the success of TDK Returns he could have done it years ago.


A friend of mine picked it up today. He says its excellent.

Argh. Don’t tell me I’ll have to buy the damn thing after all.

Hey, New York Dopers - any suggestions for where I could pick up a copy of DK2 if I work in midtown (around 54th and 6th Ave…uh, Avenue of the Americas…I hate that name)




One last time - anybody who can point out where to buy DK2 in midtown NYC?

This Onion AV Club interview might be of interest to the local fanboys.

Try Jim Hanley’s Universe just across the street from the Empire State Building. Is it 33rd and 8th? Or 34th? I can’t remember, but any NY comics fan who doesn’t know about the place is leading a sorely deprived life.