Frank Underwood died on the way to his home planet

So the writers of House of Cards are trying to rewrite the last season without Kevin Spacey.

Makes me think what would be the best (funniest) way to do that. Maybe just do a ‘soap opera.’ Just have a voice over announcing the part of Frankie Underwood will now be played by David Spade. Maybe have Frankie have a sex change between seasons. The last season is now about the first transgender president, played by Whoopie Goldberg. Clara Underwood becomes president but she’s haunted by Frankie’s ghost who now has a Clouseau like French accent.

Surely the dope can come up with better ideas than me.

He died off screen in a tragic blimp accident.

Since Underwood had already resigned the presidency in the show, he’d just go off for a long visit with Chuck Cunningham.

Duplicate a classic death of the past?

While talking walk through an open elevator door where the elevator itself is not there.
Have him die leaving Korea in a helicopter crash over the Sea of Japan.
While grand marshal, he could be “shelled” to death by a rogue elephant in the parade.

Died of poisonous envelope glue while licking invitations to a White House reception.

I believe it was a boaking accident.

I gave up on HoC someway into the 4th season when it got too ridiculous. But this is the kind of situation I wish that companies were more comfortable doing a Darrin Stevens/Becky Connor and just put another actor into a major role, saying “yes, the actor is different, but the character and the plot’s the same, get over it” I don’t have much confidence Season 6 would have been good, (I had no plans to watch it), but whatever plan B without Frank is, it’ll almost certainly be worse.

My guess is that you will never hear from him again.

Frank pulls off his face to reveal it was Tom Cruise all along.


Thanks. it was a toss-up between that and:

And like that [poof!], he’s gone.

I nominate Kevin Bacon, but Costner would work too. Or Nealon, if they want to lighten things up in the final season. Maybe Hart, to add a surrealist element and make alt-right snowflake heads explode.

Smith, if they want Frank Underwood to be a douchey stoner man-child who never shuts up.

You say this about the man best known for playing Silent Bob?

Maybe he could be killed in a tragic accident at a Ricky Jay performance.

The greatest trick Frank ever pulled was convincing the world he existed.

Kevin Kline has, in fact, played a president already.

Buttercup wakes up in bed next to Westley and tells him about this bizarre and disturbing dream she had…

This. The point of continuing the show instead of canceling it is that people want to know how it ends, right? Changing it to some hastily invented new ending instead of whatever they’d planned and been building for seems like it defeats the purpose of continuing it at all.

In another thread I suggested “The transporter scrambled his atoms and that’s what his face looks like now.” :wink:

Maybe Frank gets shot in the face, wakes up looking like (and played by) David Hasselhoff.

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