Hey, can someone read Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and compare and contrast it to the Dancing Homer episode of the Simpsons?

Write a brief paper on Frankenstein, as little words as necessary but use all the words you need, starting with your gut response then work into deconstructions, then work it against the foil of the Simpsons.

Bring in the issues of societal mores and alienation, with sub-texts of dark ambitions and perceptions. Get someone to proofread it for you, then email it to me by October 17.

As you are doing this, keep detailed notes on the event of each chapter, so a detailed summary is more or less given of the entire book. Email me each chapter’s notes as you finish them.

Thank you kindly in advance, and thank you, d12, for setting precedent.

Crap. I went through all the trouble of doing this, but the dog ate my post before I could hit ‘submit’.

I weel bee velly hoppie 2 du thees tosk fo yo.

I will put it on my to do list…it’s #103,654

What an…interesting…assignment. Unfortunately, I’ll have to skip it–I’m not much on Mary Queen of Luddites. Or on the Simpsons, for that matter (I’ve been roundly denounced as the very epitome of evil for that in another thread already).

Of course, neither of those things would stop me from providing a paper as clear and accurate as the answers provided for D12. :wink:

Never mind Simpsons … what about Wayne’s World? I’m thinking of the scene where they go to an Alice Cooper concert. I could have sworn I heard Cooper going “FEED MY, FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN!”

Uh… I’m a bit embarassed to admit this but [sub]I’m a big Alice Cooper fan.[/sub]

He’s singing “Teenage Frankenstein”.

I’d be embarrassed if I were an Alice Cooper fan and said something like that; the song really is “Feed My Frankenstein”:

Feed my Frankenstein
Meet my libido
He’s a psycho
Feed my Frankenstein
Hungry for love
And it’s feeding time…

…and I just realized that Cooper has another song called “Teenage Frankenstein”. That’ll teach me to check first before making snide comments. My humble apologies, Spritle.

But “Feed My Frankenstein” is the one in the WW movie.

[sub]Bad jr8! No biscuit![/sub]

Yup, the Coop recorded at least two songs with “Frankenstein” in the title. “Teenage Frankenstein” appeared on CONSTRICTOR in the 1986. “Feed My Frankenstein” was on HEY STOOPID in the 1991.

Steve Biodrowski

It’s Fronkenstien!!!

Then I’m Eyegore!

Destiny, destiny, no escaping, that’s for me!

It’s ALIVE! :: crazy dance ::


“…I could fix that hump for you…”

“What hump?”

“Walk this way.
…no, no, this way.”
[and so, performing the 432nd parody of that very simple statement, Feldman hands Wilder the impossibly short cane for stepping awkwardly down the short flight of steps]

sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I don’t know abnout the OP’s request for “compare and contrast” , but Here’s my own pseudo-scholarly article on the movie Frankenstein: