Franklin Graham: The Muslim Brotherhood, with Obama's complicity, has infiltrated U.S. gov't

Geeze, you’d think the International Jewish Conspiracy would be a good hedge against this happening.

Oh my god, are the two groups conspiring together?

Franklin Graham had a wild youth, and did the prodigal son shtick. Now, he’s a hysterical idiot. Lesson: if you start down the path of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, stick with it.

Never get off of the boat, dammit!

You obviously don’t understand how it works. There are only two religions: Christian and Others. Those Others will try to claim there are differences between being a Muslim or a Jew or a Satanist or an Atheist or a Mormon or a Scientist - but they’re just trying to confuse you. So keep it simple: there’s Us and there’s Them.

This Muslim Brotherhood sounds sinister… until I started reading about them. It sounds like any other run-of-the-mill bible thumping organization. Osama bin Laden broke away from the Muslim Brotherhood because they weren’t violent enough. That news article is just chock full of the crazy though.

Newsmax is a reputable cite now?


Franklin Graham is a reputable purveyor of political wisdom?

You could have added “Roman Catholic” to the list of non-Christian religions. (I’m old enough to remember worries that President Kennedy would take his orders from the Pope.)

One of the roots of fundie fear of Moose Limbs is concern that the war against Islamic terrorism and extremism will do to them what the war against the Nazis did to genteel anti-Semitism (i.e. banish it from polite society as being too uncomfortably similar to obvious evil).

I’m confused. He’s fearing for the millions of Christians in Egypt, but don’t the Fundamentalists like him consider the main churches there not Christian?

I’m also confused on another issue. Why is anyone listening to that jackass?

Heck, recently, very recently, there was a lot of hoopla (read: stupidity) to the effect that Romney would be “taking orders” from Salt Lake City if he were to become President of the US.

Oh, dear. Billy would be turning over in his grave. Except I don’t think he’s dead yet, is he?

For quoting a right wing nutball? Sure

For actually presenting accurate news analysis? No way

I’m sure that if had a quote from Michael Moore saying that the Republicans were secretly being controlled by the KKK. You would believe that Michael Moore actually said it, even if you wouldn’t normally think of as a reliable source for unbiased news.

Why would news max purposely fabricate a quote frome someone on their own side?

Then I would respectfully say that you didn’t read up on them that well. Sayyid Qutb and Hassan Al Banna were hardly simply Islamic versions of Billy Graham.

No, but he does sleep in a coffin.

Please, do enlighten… they were ________ ?

He also said that the earthquake/tsunami could be a calling card of The End Times™®. Or maybe not.

By this logic of course the final episode of Hannah Montana might or might not be a sign of the End Times as well.

I wonder if he’s still putting money in his retirement account.

Advocates of violent revolution and fierce retribution for non compliers with Islam, which give him his due, Graham has never done.

Hmmm. You might have a point (I’d be grateful if you’d elaborate on just what you intended it to be, though).

In the meantime, revtim what are you doing nosing around on Newsmax? Slumming?

Khm… cite?