Freak Sheet Dam!!! Errrghh... Networking. Help.

Got my OWN computer today, thank God! I love having my own thing. Have cable modem, called my cable company and payed extra for a second IP. Went out and bought a hub and some cat5 wire with RJ45 plugs and hooked everything up… EasyPeasy. NO IP address on the new machine… just the fake addy. Grrrrrr. Called Cable company (4 times)… settings are correct. No bangs in device manager… NIC has no errors. Reloaded NIC… no change. Removed EVERYTHING network and no change. Scanreg /resore in case I did somthing wrong… no change… Reloaded windows 98se (did not reformat… I know, I know)… no change.

Noticed when booting up get error (sort of) in dos C:/rem - By Windows 98 Network - C:\windows
et start

This does not look good… I dont know how the line got Rem’d out… I did not physicly do it (though who knows what I did really).

Whats my next step?

I am considering replacing the new NIC I have in case it is bad… and also reloading windows…
Network guru’s??? Help?

You say you just got your own computer. Also, you say you got two IP addresses. Does that imply that a roommate or cellmate or lover or whatever has another computer in the house? If so, this’ll be a lot easier to debug. Assuming yes, can that computer ping anything? ok, connectivity is good. Try connecting the two computers to the hub, setting static addresses and pinging each other. no ping=something in the machine (NIC or software). ping=Cable modem connectivity defective.

I’ve seen the Rem net start before; I suspect that’s not your problem.

How is TCP/IP supposed to be set up? DHCP? If yes, is the address you get really That’s bad. Run winipcfg. select renew all. Does that get you a valid address?

When you say you “got” a second IP address, do you mean that they assigned you a second, permanent IP address? (In that case, your TCP/IP Control Panel should be set to that address, not to DHCP; there should be a place in which for it to be displaying, yes?)

If you mean instead (and more logically) that you made arrangements with your cable company for you to be able to get a second IP address assigned to you when you have two computers hooked up to their cable modem,

Bill H. =

yeah, what he said, + does that also imply that the other computer was/is/did get a valid IP address prior to the presence of your new box on the network? OK, try unhooking the original computer and the hub. See if your computer by itself gets online. If so, that vindicates your NIC and would tend to vindicate your settings (although in the merry postmodern postmodem world of cable and DSL, this isn’t always so). Scene II: Hook up hub and both computers, but disable TCP on your new box. Do, however, set up NetBIOS over NetBEIU and share a folder for local file sharing. Old original computer still getting a valid IP? Can you see one computer from the other in Network Neighborhood? [I’m making PC-centric assumptions, as you mentioned device manager. For Mac, do same for AppleTalk and AppleShare]. Anyway, if answer to these questions is yes, hub and cables look good. Scene III: Disable TCP on the original box and reënable it on the new (DHCP, Ethernet). Got IP? If not, something distinguishes the (working) setup on the old box from the (non-working) setup on the new box in a fashion that only kicks in when both computers and hub are hooked up, which is an unlikely scenario. Scene IV: Revive TCP on the original box. Presumably, your new box got a valid IP when it was the only box on the network. Now the older box is the “newcomer”. Got valid IP? If not, well…the Cable Company? The truth is not in them, they have either failed to enable a second IP address or the setup needs to differ in some manner from the setup for a single IP in a fashion that they didn’t tell you about.

Hey, at least they aren’t stonewalling you like a certain monolithic telephone company through which DSL services are available!

Actually yes… I meant as a second DYNAMIC IP address… I ended up reformating and reloading win98se and then buying a new nic and then calling the cable co. for yet a 5th time! This time I was able to actually talk to someone who knew something and was able to keep up with me. …and guess what? Not my fault… fault of cable company… they didn’t assign me correctly… Grrrrr… But after a few minutes hey guess what?? Im typing this on my very own computer fully equipped with Broadband! So the outcome is positive.

Thanks for your suggestions though guys… I was stumped.