Fred Phelps and Johnny Hildo

There are two people I know of who are celebrating the death of Tammy Faye Messner.

One of them is Fred Phelps, patriarch of a lunatic religion cult. As soon as his inbred spawn can finish pecking out the words, Freds’s website will declare that Tammy Faye is burning in hell. We all know that Fred is an insane and hate-mongering bigot.

The other is Johnny Hildo, who apparently at some point in time registered here. He dropped this turd in her Cafe Society tribute thread, accusing her of financial fraud. Johnny Hildo, I’m sure, is important to someone somewhere.

Both Fred and Johnny hope that Tammy Faye spends eternity in hell being raped by Satan, but for very different reasons. Fred will say that she was a “fag enabler” and befriended gays when she could have condemned them. Johnny has said she defrauded people.

The difference between them is that Fred Phelps is correct, and Johnny is… misinformed. A grand jury decided that she had no role in Jim Bakker’s PTL scandal. No charges were ever brought against her.

Fred is right. Tammy Faye was an icon in the gay community, and a hero to them. She actively campaigned for the church to open its arms to the people whom she credited with lifting her spirits and giving her hope at a time when others spurned or ridiculed her.

There was not a judgmental bone in her body. She hosted a television talk show with Jim J Bullock and wrote feature articles for XY magazine. Gays, lesbians, and transgendered people flocked to her book signings and gushed about how much they loved her and how much she meant to them.

When she was on Surreal Life with porn star Ron Jeremy, they became best of friends, communicating regularly with one another until her death. Don’t misunderstand me. She never wavered in her faith or in her personal choices, but she never condemned anyone. She poured out her unconditional love to people who, like her, were spurned and rejected by others.

Ron Jeremy wrote of her:

Of all the friends I made on The Surreal Life, I probably had the best connection with Tammy Faye. Which was ironic, because we were the two people nobody expected to get along. She was an evangelist preacher and orthodox Christian, and I was a porn star. Not exactly a match made in heaven. But Tammy and I bonded. She recognized that I wasn’t such a bad guy after all, and though she never approved of my line of work, she respected me and always treated me fairly.Johnny Hildo, the only thing I know about you is that you have less credibility than Fred Phelps.

Well Fred Phelps site hasn’t said anything about it yet, don’t you think your jumping the gun a little.

Johnny’s a troll. Nobody’s that angry in real life. Thankfully no one bit in the original thread. Hopefully JH will be banned soon.

While I don’t celebrate her death, it was worth 35 points to me in this year’s Celebrity Death Pool. And to a lot of others – she was the 3rd most popular pick in 2007. And she was certainly enabling Bakker, if only by mindlessly cheerleading for his bullshit. So I am not devastated by her death either.

IMHO, find a better reason for Pitting.

It aint three o’clock yet either, but it’ll be here. :wink:

Just wanna point out that in some circles, this is known as “wifely support”.

A.k.a. “loyalty”.

A.k.a. “love”.


Yes, and it can be very useful for a con artist. And I’m not a big fan of blind loyalty no matter what the reason.

I do noit recall this actually happening.

Ceratinly, she was her more than supportive bubbly self when she and Jim were promoting the brand of Christianity they both endorsed. However, when the accusations of financial corruption arose, I do not recall her running around telling people to send money to support their legal fees or claiming that it was all lies. When the evidence began to come out, she stayed by his side, supporting the man, but silently, not supporting the behavior.

It is an intersting concept that I keep encountering (but not understanding), that if an individual engages in bad behavior, those who love that individual are supposed to pick up pitchforks and join the mob calling for blood. We rarely see what sort of communication is exchanged privately between couples and without that, we cannot know that the innocent spouse does not spend most of their private time encouraging repentance.

I saw her on a Daisy Donovan documentry once. She was quite clearly a lovely (if vain!) person.

Maybe Mr. Hildo just needs to be a little less prejudiced.

While epiphanies are always possible, they are rare.

I think he needs to be a lot less here.

I don’t have a problem with Johnny’s freedom to express an opinion (even though I disagree), just that he dropped a deuce in Cafe Society and not here where it belongs. And what the hell, since we’re in the Pit, Johnny needs to be less of a troll and a fuckwit.*

*At least in places where it isn’t called for. Here, he can be a troll and fuckwit all he wants.

Liberal, wouldn’t Tammy Faye have defended Johnny HIldo? She said that we’ve all been laughed at and misunderstood.

Well, VC03 is in the running, but his over-the-top outrage makes me laugh; I never get the impression that he would really like to kill something or someone. Allow me to join the ill-wishers hoping thatJohnny Hildo leaves us soon (or is asked to leave). He has more than once broken our Number 1 Commandment - “Don’t Be a Jerk.”

I would not welcome Phred Phelps here, either. I suspect he would also be quite a Jerk. Tammy Faye, I dunno. That could have been truly fascinating.

No, actually, he can’t. You’re not allowed to troll in the Pit, either. As for being a fuckwit, well, it’s allowed, but do it too much and you’re not going to enjoy these Boards much. We don’t suffer fuckwits gladly 'round these parts.

Didn’t Johnny Hildo just Pit someone for supposedly harboring rape fantasies? Apparently, if it’s Satan doing the raping, that’s quite all right.

Daaaamn, that’s cold.

Accurate, but cold.

You’re right. Point taken.

Yes. That’s yet another reason to admire her.

Well it is past three, Phelps must have a lot of stuff to do today. :wink: