Fred Phelps died last May. Has the Westboro picketing stopped?

My theory is that the old man had his whole family under a firm grip of Stockholm Syndrome, and I wonder what happened to the family since his death. A quick Google search suggested there have not been any major picketings since his death. Can anyone point me to some info? They are a fascinating story.

Well, no pictures, but they have picketed locally, here in Topeka. I’ve seen them myself.

The WBC spokesperson now seems to be a non-family member, Steve Drain. He was some kind of author/reporter, who came to Topeka to do a book on them, then got seduced by the dark side and moved his family in with them. One daughter, after four years, turned eighteen, got out, and she wrote a book.

They used to picket my church fairly regularly, but I haven’t seen them back yet. But they have picketed at my mother’s church, which is only about three blocks away.

I drive by their compound almost every day, as it’s on a major street. Each week their message sign is changed, so someone is keeping up the fight.

Try this page of links from Google.

He was excommunicated before he died, so he definitely didn’t have them in his direct grip.

Perhaps he’s controlling them from beyond the grave… actually, that would give them an out to completely change their tune. “We heard from our papa and it turns out God’s okay with gay people. Our bad. Now, about those Bronies…”

I keep an eye on www . godhatesfags . com because I have a very weird sense of humour and they occasionally have stuff that I find amusing (not nearly as amusing as in the past - when Fred Phelps quit being active it lost “something”). It still gets updated and they still regularly mention upcoming pickets. How consistently those pickets actually happen I have no idea.